Fixed Asset Tracking Software

Every company faces the significant task of tracking the things they own. That may sound a little strange. Of course, they must track their fixed assets. The problem is the traditional ways most organizations go about it does not make sense. A typical organization has a handful of employees usually in the accounting department or IT that are responsible for tracking the fixed assets. It is impossible for those people to be updated continuously on the status of the organizations fixed assets. The Asset Panda model allows for the people who use the fixed assets to keep track of them. The data is automatically available to the rest of the organization. The process is simple each employee downloads the free mobile app(IOS/Android) to their personal device. When they are issued equipment they login Asset Panda scan a QR or barcode and then check out the equipment. If that equipment needs repair or servicing they simply pull up the asset and then request service. Everything that employee would need to do regarding the asset is in Asset Panda. Just by doing their job everyday they end up giving the organization comprehensive detailed information about the equipment they use every day to do their work. The model is designed to track, manage and support an organizations fixed assets. Best of all Asset Panda will integrate with your existing ERP or accounting systems giving you the data where you need the data. Fixed Asset Tracking software does not have to be a cumbersome to use that is a best dreaded or at worst just not done. Organizations lose millions of dollars each year by not having good information about their fixed assets. Overall organizations lose 2% of their total assets in loss reduction each year and for Mobile assets they average is as high as 10%. The average number of Ghost assets an organization has on its books is 10% of their total fixed assets. As you can see by these stats the numbers are overwhelming and not keeping a tight track of your fixed assets is very expensive. The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices allows your organization to move the responsibility of tracking your fixed assets to the people who those fixed assets every day to do their job.

Rex Kurzius

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