Fixed Assets Management Software Streamlines, Centralizes Your Data in One Convenient Place

Fixed assets management software can save companies and organizations of every size and scope some serious headaches. Every one of your assets carries a value, and unless you’re an accountant, it’s difficult to manage their respective gains and/or losses over time. Those values have a direct impact on your tax liability, so you can’t just resort to guesswork. Tax laws are always changing, too, placing an additional weight on companies’ shoulders to produce accurate figures. These financial calculations can be complicated, so it’s best to outsource the task to a tool that automates the process and centralizes all of your asset-related data in one place.

Imagine trying to manage your fixed assets through manual processes – either pen and paper, or with an Excel spreadsheet. If that sounds labor-intensive, it is. And it’s also error-prone. Even humans with the best intentions make mistakes. Put more than one employee on the task, and you open the door that much wider for errors. It could be a simple typo or an oversight. Whatever the case, one glitch can throw off your records. Many companies are overpaying taxes and insurance, and they aren’t even aware. That’s because of asset record-keeping mistakes. For example, a company might be paying insurance on a “ghost asset” it doesn’t even have in its inventory anymore. That item might have been lost or stolen, but unreported, and so the company continues paying insurance none the wiser.

Fixed assets management software calculates gains and losses on your assets, so you can rest easy knowing you’re relying on accurate data and taking advantage of any tax savings for which your company is eligible. But that’s only part of the picture when it comes to fixed assets management software. The best systems provide you with a hub, so to speak, for all of your asset-related information. Centralizing that data saves you from the frustrating task of hunting down assets. If you’ve decided to purchase software, note that not all products on the market are the same. It’s critical that you study the features and fine print. The best solution for your company is one that addresses your specific needs now and in the future, as those needs change. So you need a flexible product – and also one that’s easy to understand. The reality is that your employees won’t get behind a system that’s difficult to navigate. So you should be on the lookout for intuitive, user-friendly software.

With Asset Panda, you get everything on your wish list - and that includes affordability.
Asset Panda is the most powerful fixed assets management software in the world, and yet it couldn’t be more streamlined or simpler to use. All you need to use Asset Panda is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. No additional hardware is required; in fact, our free mobile iOS and Android apps include a mobile barcode scanner. Add as many users as you’d like – there’s no additional charge. Your asset management efforts are successful when you can loop every stakeholder into the conversation. With that in mind, Asset Panda has removed the financial barriers to getting all of your stakeholders on board.

Asset Panda’s robust features are completely customizable, giving you the ability to display and organize your data in the way that makes sense for your organization. It’s easy to import and export data into and out of the tool, and integrate Asset Panda with legacy systems. From the palm of your hand, access an item’s exact location, the identity of the person who has it, its depreciation, insurance and warranty information, check-in/check-out status, complete maintenance history, and so much more. Plus, because Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, your information is always served up in real time.

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