Why Free Maintenance Tracking Software Isn’t Completely Risk Free


When you're watching your budget, it can be tempting to use free maintenance tracking software. Most of these kinds of software are open-sourced, meaning anyone can access and change the program code. Open-source software is relatively risk-free as far as investment goes. If you choose one that doesn't work for your maintenance tracking needs, you don't lose any money.

Many intelligent and talented people work on open-source programs. Most programs have more people work on them than commercial software, so bugs and issues are spotted more easily.

However, there are many drawbacks to using free maintenance tracking software. Since the software is open for anyone to work on, malicious developers can change the code to steal the identities of those who download the program. They can also use it to infect hardware and make life difficult for end users. When your company needs a reliable and safe software, the potential security threat open sourced software poses can be a dangerous liability. Using programs that could potentially compromise your company's data is not an option.

Some programs are also not very user-friendly. This isn't the case across the board, but several developers aren't worried about ease of use. Some of the ones who are don't have the background necessary to create a friendly user interface. Others don't make it a priority, focusing instead on other aspects of the software like speed and operating power. This can be especially problematic for those who aren't very technically literate. Such programs will be difficult for your employees to learn how to use, and will require a large upfront time investment in order to work for your needs.

Perhaps one of the biggest problems open-sourced programs pose is the lack of support. With commercially-produced software, you'll know exactly who designed, built, and distributed the programs you use. However, with open-sourced software, user forums are most, if not all, of the support you'll get.

Instead of checking out software designed specifically for maintenance tracking, some companies will use spreadsheets to track their repair schedules and maintenance records. Not only is this incredibly error prone, but it is also time intensive and difficult to keep up to date.

When you invest in Asset Panda, you won't have to worry about any of the problems that come with free maintenance tracking software. We have a small team of developers dedicated to making our platform work around your needs. Our biggest concern is making the software easy for you and your team to use. You won't find complicated user interfaces or insecure programs when you work with us. What you will find is a reliable, flexible, and customizable platform configured to meet your maintenance tracking needs.

We store your database in the cloud using our secure servers, so your entire team can access all of your company's maintenance records. If they're out in the field, they won't have to go into the office to see when a vehicle last went in for a check up, or what kinds of maintenance it will most likely need. Best of all, because our program is so easy to use, your fleet is more likely to be maintained on a regular basis.

Our support page offers several solutions to some of the most commonly asked questions from our users. You won't be without support when you need help. Our world-class customer service team is dedicated to helping you solve problems efficiently and giving you exactly what you need.

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