Get Your House in Order for the New Year with Fixed Asset Register Software

What is fixed asset register software? In a nutshell, it’s the software that keeps track of all of the data, or details, about your fixed assets. Fixed assets are the items in your organization or business that don’t generate revenue, but rather help you conduct your business. Your office furniture, IT equipment, company cars and office space are all great examples of fixed assets.

Each one of those fixed assets has very specific characteristics; for example, a warranty, a value that either depreciates or inflates with time, a maintenance history, a location, and a barcode which serves as its identifier. Although organizations of any size can experience measurable and significant benefits from fixed asset register software, the larger the company, the greater the need for such technology. Given how busy the average company is these days, it’s simply too difficult for an employee or even a team of employees to track asset data accurately and on a timely basis. The details are always changing. In an effort to save money, some organizations use pen and paper or an Excel spreadsheet to manage their assets. Human error is almost always inevitable, however, when you’re relying on manual processes. Even a small mistake can throw off your record keeping and result in costly fines, confusion, frustration, decreased morale, wasted time and upset customers or business partners. When your records aren’t reliable, it becomes all too easy for assets to fall through the cracks, becoming lost or missing. In the worst-case scenario, companies find out they’ve been paying insurance for “ghost assets” that aren’t even in their inventory anymore but remained unreported for months. Any organization who wants to be a good steward of their investments would be wise to implement a powerful and flexible, yet easy to use, fixed asset register software.

The holiday season is officially here, and if you’re like most organizations, you’re even busier than usual right now. Who has time to chase down assets, warranty information, maintenance histories and the like? If you’ve finally decided to kick Excel to the curb and find yourself a good asset management system, mobile is the only way to go. Why? Work rarely stays at the office anymore. You need access to your asset data 24 hours a day, and with the assurance that it’s in real time. Your goal should be a fixed asset register software that’s so simple to use that anyone can use it – even the most technologically challenged employee. Your software should adapt to your needs and allow you to make changes any time you want. It should be customizable so that you display your data in the way that makes sense for your organization. And you should be able to add as many users as you’d like without penalty so that you can bring everyone involved in the lifecycle of your assets into the conversation.

With Asset Panda, you get a robust and completely customizable features offering. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud, include a mobile barcode scanner, and couldn’t be easier to use. There’s no cap on users, and our technology is flexible enough to incorporate innovations as they become available in the future. All you need are the smartphones and tablets you already carry.

If you’re ready to maximize the lifespan of your fixed assets, and get your financial house in order for the New Year, try Asset Panda free for 14 days. Track an item’s exact location, up-to-the-minute value, its condition and complete maintenance history, lease/purchase and warranty information, GPS coordinates, check-in/check-out status, the identity of the person who has it, and so much more. Create custom reports, notifications and alerts to help you gain insight, make informed decisions and stay on top of your asset data.

Asset Panda designed its software to adapt to what you need. Here's an example:

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