3 Reasons a Handheld Inventory Scanner Belongs in the Modern-Day Tracking Process

One of the most important aspects of your modern-day tracking process is a handheld inventory scanner. Twenty years ago, most companies could get away keeping inventory manually or using a large and cumbersome scanner to keep track of their product. But nowadays, with a large increase in demand for products and a need for greater efficiency, you need a handheld scanner. Here's why:

Records Must Be Updated in Real Time

It’s no longer good enough to know how much product you had on hand yesterday or a few hours ago. Things can change at your company in a matter of seconds. You need to be equipped with information in real-time. Knowing what’s going on with your product as it is happening will help you be more proactive in your business’ well-being. You can also spot potential problems and address them before they spiral out of control.

Small businesses benefit from real-time records just as much as large businesses do. In fact, as a small business, it’s more important for you to know when potential problems arise. Smaller organizations have fewer resources to rely on for tough times. They have less ability to deal with them, and therefore need to be as proactive as possible when it comes to preventing issues. Being aware of what is happening throughout your company during each day will give you the tools you need to stay afloat and continue serving your customers.

A Handheld Inventory Scanner Is Easily Portable

One of the greatest things about handheld inventory scanners is that you can take them anywhere. Your workers always keep them on hand in case they come across an unknown item. They can scan it and identify what they’re looking at and determine what to do.

Portable scanners can also help you solve the problem of acquiring inventory hardware. If your team can take barcode scanners with them to any location, you won’t have to worry about keeping each stock area equipped with scanners. If you have enough handheld devices for each employee to use, you’ll be set. Many inventory software programs are compatible with mobile devices. This means that each of your workers can utilize the smartphones they already carry with them to boost each step in the stocking process.

Company Systems Need to Be Interconnected

Cloud technology makes it possible for each of your work departments to share information with each other. Now, your accounting department doesn’t need to spend hours every month trying to figure out how many of which items sold. Instead, they can log in to your point of sale records and record the information stored there. Better yet, interconnecting your databases will automatically send the information to your financial department and save them countless hours.

Point of sale stations can also read and change inventory records. When you have a process that does this automatically, you’ll be able to show your customers exactly what you have on hand and what they can purchase from you. Get notifications before anything goes out of stock and keep your buyers happy.

Asset Panda is an inventory tracking platform that works with mobile scanners and keeps your departments interconnected. It’s one of the reasons that Inc 5000 named us as #104 on their list of top growing companies in America. Check out all the features we have to offer by taking a free guided tour.

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