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In order to achieve success, businesses are always looking for ways to provide better service to the internal staff they support, which in turn, is passed along to customers … in the end saving everyone time and money. A good help desk support system coupled with an easy-to-use and reliable asset tracking program are valuable complements to one another. The two programs work together to reduce duplicate data entry and provide consolidated reporting. The help desk allows employees to track assets through the initial request, approval, and final purchase and entry into inventory. By integrating an asset management tool with your help desk, it allows for a focused and comprehensive approach, giving IT support teams the ability to:
  • Manage and track devices
  • Monitor a single view of status information that presents robust help desk ticket information and device status details in the same dashboard
  • Work remotely from mobile devices via cloud-based dashboards offering access from any mobile device or desktop
  • Provide up-to-date reporting capabilities to watch trends over time or monitor for improvements after making process changes

When it comes to tracking assets and the viability of products in inventory, it is important to consider not just which platforms are used in tracking assets but also which platforms the administrators and IT professionals use to assign assets, perform inventory, and run the reports. By registering and maintaining up-to-date records on all hardware and software problems, users can immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance history of each asset. The help desk/IT team needs to ensure technology equipment is working properly and using the most up-to-date software. Help desk ticketing from Asset Panda assists with all of this. Asset Panda’s asset tracking system is easy to implement with a company’s help desk team and has been proven to dramatically improve the management and integrity of ticket related information. One of the most helpful features of our help desk ticketing system is that clients can include a QR code on their equipment, and instead of calling technical support, the client can scan the QR code by using Asset Panda’s mobile app. They enter basic information on their problem, and in a matter of moments, the help desk has the information needed to troubleshoot the issue.

By utilizing Asset Panda’s mobile capabilities for help desk technicians on the go, companies can save time and money as employees update or add work items from anywhere, allowing them to give great service to co-workers or customers while on the move and keep up with their work without having to go back to their desk. With any investment, the initial cost of a program as well as the cost to train staff are important considerations. The best value is going to depend not only on the assets you are tracking, but on the capability of the people you have working for you. Companies want to be sure they are not only purchasing the right software, but that they have the level of support needed. Asset Panda’s help desk technology improves end-user satisfaction and resolution rates while reducing costs by allowing help desk technicians to track their work more efficiently as well as reduce costs and wasteful spending on IT assets thought to be lost or in some cases, companies didn’t even realize they owned.

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