Helping Students…One Contactless Support Ticket at a Time


Helping Students...One Contactless Support Ticket at a Time

With schools back in session remotely and COVID-19 still in the headlines, there’s never been a more critical need for asset tracking and contactless support.

This time last year, many schools just allocated a set number of devices to each classroom with students sharing them across the class periods. They were designated exclusively for in-class use.

The new normal of remote learning transfers education from a physical classroom to a virtual one. For this transition to be successful, the right technology is critical and 1:1 student deployment means a lot more work for your school’s IT and support team.

The Lesson Plan for Contactless Support

Contactless support from Asset Panda streamlines the deployment and repair process so your staff, students or parents don’t have to come on campus unless it’s absolutely necessary.

For deployment, staff can use their carpool lane to issue devices from a cart. Parents simply pull up in their cars and your staff scans the barcode on the device, logs the student’s name and hands the device off to the parent. The asset’s history in the database is updated with the designated campus and assigned student so you know who has it and when he/she received it.

For repair issues, Asset Panda helps you provide contactless technical support for your students so they can maintain the connectivity they need to complete their assignments.

If a student has an issue with their device, they simply report the problem online. This creates a service ticket through Asset Panda so your support team can get to work solving the issue.

  • If the issue can be solved remotely, those steps can be taken without the student leaving their home.
  • If the issue cannot be solved remotely, a contactless exchange - similar to the initial checkout process - can be made so the student can get back to their studies with a new device, while the problem device is fixed.

Making Your Asset Tracking Workflows Easy as 1, 2, 3

A real-time asset tracking workflow also gives you a transparent look into the support and repair process, allowing you to trace each step along the way. It helps you understand and track:

  • What’s wrong with the device
  • Whether the device can be repaired or replaced
  • The steps required to repair the device
  • The steps required to replace the device
  • Additional costs associated with the repair/replacement
  • The updated status of the device: damaged, under repair, beyond repair, back in production

This process means that any device that’s reported to have a problem flows through the chain of custody until the matter is resolved - whether that means the device is fixed, repaired, or disposed of.

With the ability to add an unlimited number of users to the system, you not only give your teachers and students the access they need to report issues, but parents can get involved as well. Once parents are plugged into the system, they can process service requests for their child’s device, as well.

Complete Visibility Even When You Can’t Be Face-to-Face

Besides offering contactless support, Asset Panda has the ability to track your assets much more efficiently than a spreadsheet solution.

You can trace both the:

  • Device history, which is helpful in determining when it’s time to replace an asset or if a specific asset has a history of support issues.
  • Check-out history of a student, which can be the first line of defense if you suspect someone is purposely damaging or losing assets.

Consider this- in a 1:1 deployment for a school with 2,000 students, that means there’s 2,000 devices to track between on- and off-campus. If just 10% of those devices have to be returned for repairs, that’s 200 assets that have to be tracked. In addition to repairs, schools are currently having to deal with potential quarantines that could result in devices cycling on and off campus.

For spreadsheet solutions, that’s a substantial amount of manual data entry to keep track of your inventory. That becomes even more complex and complicated when you’re tracking devices that are both on- and off-campus.

Through Asset Panda, you can use any iOS or Android device loaded with the mobile app which means you don’t have to carry a barcode scanner tethered to a laptop via USB cable. This gives you much more movement and flexibility to scan your assets and helps you maintain contactless support. Plus, you won’t have to pay more for expensive barcode scanning equipment.

Doing Our Part to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

With cloud-based asset tracking and contactless support, we can help you limit the physical interaction between your staff and your students/parents. This helps you maintain social distancing recommendations and protects your students, families, and staff from COVID-19.

To learn more about how Asset Panda can help protect your students, staff and their families, request a demo today.

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