How a Cloud-Based Inventory App Helps Beverage Companies


A cloud-based inventory app is a smart investment for the beverage industry – a sector in which inventory management is especially tricky. Products have a limited shelf life. They expire and spoil, and consumer demand increases and wanes based on seasons and current trends. Health code compliance, food safety requirements, and narrow margins also influence inventory decisions. If any inventory expires, spoils, or becomes contaminated, business owners have to be able to track it down quickly for immediate removal. Of course, a reactive response isn’t the best strategy. Companies should be keeping track of upcoming expiration dates and closely monitoring the flow of goods into and out of their respective inventories, practicing the “first in, first out” method. All of that data must be in real-time – it’s the only way to make decisions with confidence.

Minimize Waste

While all of these moving parts pose a challenge for any beverage company, managers also are focused on minimizing waste and ensuring that their customers can get what they want, when they want it. Maintaining the right balance of inventory is critical. While no business wants to run out of a product, nobody wants excess inventory sitting on the shelves. There’s simply no way to manage all of these factors accurately and efficiently without a cloud-based inventory app.

The demands faced by beverage company managers require not just a reliable inventory management system, but rather a mobile solution that enables them to check and monitor their inventory items anytime, anywhere. An inventory management system you can only access from your desktop computer doesn’t reflect the reality of modern-day business. A cloud-based inventory app puts information at users’ fingertips whether they’re on a restaurant floor, in a warehouse, an offsite event, or other locations. Their complete inventory lifecycle is as near as their smartphone or tablet. And, because it’s hosted in the cloud, their data is always up-to-the-minute.

Real-time Inventory management

A cloud-based inventory app enables business owners to quickly locate inventory by location and transfer inventory between locations if needed. Users also may set up custom notifications that alert them when inventory levels are getting low, and/or trigger reorders when the inventory meets a particular threshold. The app centralizes all data related to product inventory, so users can access purchase history for reference, check on inventory condition, run customized reports, study consumer trends, and prepare for anticipated changes in demand. Additionally, they can run inventory audits, calculate inventory values, and make more accurate predictions about their budgetary needs for the year ahead. A reliable inventory management system gets rid of the age-old problem of inventory that mysteriously goes missing or otherwise falls through the cracks. Business owners can maintain inventory levels based on accurate data, not guesswork, and eliminate redundancy, and avoid run-outs.

Asset Panda’s cloud-based inventory app, available in iOS and Android formats, is a completely customizable, intuitive, and user-friendly tool for beverage companies who want to take control of their inventory management. With your asset data at your fingertips, you’ll save time and money. Integration with your legacy system is simple; you can import data from your existing spreadsheets and get up to speed quickly, and the app requires no extensive training to master. Whether you manage one or multiple locations, Asset Panda brings transparency to your inventory management along with increased accuracy and efficiency.


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