Learn How to Track Assets With Ease

If your business is just starting out or you have recently expanded, you might not know how to track assets effectively. Being able to track your assets well can create big differences in company finances. Here are a few tips on how you can make the most of your asset tracking system.

Use a Reliable Software Program

Spreadsheets just don't come equipped with the features you need to know how to track assets most effectively. Even when taking the added functions into account, you still have to enter the data manually, which can lead to mistakes you can't afford. An asset-tracking software program will allow you to automatically access and update asset records on the go, so you can trust that all the information in your database is up to date.

Bring All of Your Employees Into the Tracking Process

Instead of just having one person oversee your asset management process, include all your employees in the process. Everyone who uses company assets should be able to access asset information. Encouraging them to keep your database updated will ensure your company has real-time data that accurately reflects your company situation. When you have multiple sets of eyes on the same information, mistakes are more likely to be caught before they can cause any problems.

Institute a Protocol for Employees to Follow

If you want all your information to be gathered in an easy-to-access format, you'll need to institute a few protocols for your employees to follow when they access company assets. For example, you can use a check-in and check-out process and require companies to fill out forms or update asset records as they request them for specific jobs or tasks. Whatever series of steps you need your team to take, make sure they know ahead of time what they need to do to use the assets that will help them get their work done.

Schedule Your Assets for Regular Maintenance

You want to get the most out of your company investments. Ensuring your assets last as long as expected is a great way to prevent unnecessary expenditures. Because this is something that only happens every few months, it can be difficult to remember to schedule asset checkups. Having a system in place will automatically remind you to find the best time for preventative maintenance.

Trust a Company That Knows How to Track Assets

When it comes to tracking assets your company has invested thousands of dollars in, you can't afford to work with a company who doesn't have your best interests in mind. Asset Panda created our mobile-tracking platform to best suit what you need. Our flexible interface makes it so you can set up our software in a way that best suits your company. You can use the mobile app to access and update asset information on the floor and on the go. If the basic software doesn't provide you with what you need, you can add modules to access features specific to your industry needs.

One of our clients uses Asset Panda to encourage better business accountability. Our system helps them stay on top of asset information upkeep and makes it easier for them to locate their assets at any given time.

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