Implement Secure Predefined Forms to Automate Financial Work


When it comes to the financial sector, it seems like there are very few options to automate work without compromising security. However, when using secure databases, you can implement pre-defined forms to save on thousands of hours you’d otherwise be using to fill out paperwork over and over again. 

Paperwork costs companies more than $120 billion a year, and most of what gets printed is outdated within a few months. 

Here are the steps you should take to implement secure pre-defined forms in your workspace. 

Go Digital for Your Forms

Paper forms are outdated, both in the sense that technology has made them obsolete and in the sense than the information on them will become quickly outdated.

If you’re still having your clients fill out physical forms, you need to create a system where you can upload their answers. Better yet, avoid physical paperwork completely and go digital. It’s easy enough to create a way for your clients to fill it out online, both at your place of business and at home.

To keep things secure, you might want to have them fill out the paperwork when they’re with you in person. It would still be cheaper and more effective to get some computers and tablets to use for clients filling in forms than it is to continue printing paperwork.

Use a Secure Database to Store Your Clients’ Data 

If you don’t have a secure database for client information, their data is already at risk. Before you can implement secure pre-defined forms, you need to create or use a database that’s difficult to hack, but that will still allow you to access and easily update client information. 

Asset Panda’s flexible software platform is encrypted. Only you and pre-approved employees can access any client file at any given time. Our system will allow you to create auto-populated forms that speed up your work processes while protecting everything at the same time. 

Upload Updated Forms to Your Database

Once you’ve got a secure system, you can start looking into predefined forms to speed up your work. 

Pre-defined forms that have fewer options are a great way to simplify your banking work. If you find that you and your employees only ever fill out one or two options in a field, make it a drop-down menu. 

You can also have the option to create a form from a client’s database. This will auto-fill their data in many of the fields. You won't have to spend the time filling out things like name and address on all of the forms they’ll be using to apply for accounts, transfer money, or open up funds in their name.

Determine What Forms You And Your Employees Use Most Often

The best place to start with auto-populating your secure predefined forms is to identify the most used forms. Then, find ways that you can automate filling out those forms. Are there boxes that are usually checked? Do some forms only use numbers? 

Create the forms in your system so that employees only have text boxes for fields that change often. Provide options for them to choose from other fields that don’t change between clients. 

Once you do this with popular forms, you can do this with less popular ones. You will also have better productivity and secure automation at the same time.


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