Customized Implementation Services


New and existing customers can benefit from our professional services when it comes to configuring their Asset Panda account. Our implementation services will provide you with an uniquely customized account to fit all of your business’ needs.

What is included in our implementation services:

Data Upload

Send a csv file with all of your fixed assets and we will import and organize them into your Asset Panda account.

Custom Fields and Groups

We can create unlimited custom fields and up to 10 different groups to organize your account to best fit your needs.  


Your Asset Panda account can generate unlimited custom reports providing great insight into how your organization is running. We can set up your customized reports for you and teach you how to run them. We can even automate reports to send on a regular basis.

User Configuration

Asset Panda also allows unlimited users and mobile app downloads. We can help configure individual user permissions, such as what locations they can access or what fields they view, in additional to building user security templates for future use.

Workflow and Enterprise Service Desk Implementation

You can use Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk capability to provide support to all of your fixed assets, such as work order tickets and preventive maintenance requests. The enterprise service desk capability will dramatically reduce the number of support calls and will increase productivity and work request response rates. Our implementation services will configure your account however works best to support your organization, users, and vendors.

WebEx Training

We can train you and your team on how to use your new Asset Panda account or we can provide training on specific features or capabilities that are more important to your organization.

What can you expect?

Our implementation ninja will schedule a call to go over our implementation questionnaire

During your implementation call, we will discuss information such as:

  • Company Industry
  • Number of Fixed Assets
  • What fields do you want to track?
  • Categories of Assets
  • Category-specific fields
  • Does your company have Multiple Locations?
  • Will you be checking items out to employees?
  • Status fields
  • Actions, like check out, repair, donate
  • Notifications
  • Calendar
  • Dashboard charts
  • How many users?
  • User permissions/roles
  • Reports

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the scope of work that we determine in meeting with the client. Implementation services start at $500.

With your Asset Panda account every feature comes standard. For more information on our implementation services, contact one of our implementation ninjas at 855-214-1521. 


Christiana Leal

Christiana worked as Asset Panda's Digital Marketing Manager in 2015 and has gone on to work in content management, advertising operations, and community moderation.

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