Importance of Asset Tracking for the Non-Profit Sector


Non-profit organizations have plenty of challenges they deal with on a daily basis. From finding volunteers to sorting through donations, non-profits are continually trying to do more with less money. Like any other organization, non-profits have equipment and essential assets that make the organization run and must be tracked and serviced. Staff employees must know where their equipment is, what condition it is in, who has what and if it is safe and ready to use. That’s where the value of a reliable asset tracking software platform comes in.

What Non-Profits Should Look for

When it comes to asset tracking platforms, it can be a bit overwhelming. Non-profits are not known for having excessive amounts of cash to spend. They want to allocate the majority of their funds to the causes/recipients they were established to serve.

Employee turnover is also an issue for some organizations. Management doesn’t want to spend time teaching new employees how to use a complicated software program. It’s key that non-profits find a system that their employees will actually use, require very little to no training, and can be rapidly deployed across an organization.

What Does Today’s Asset Software Bring to Non-Profits?

The world has changed, and the ways of tracking assets that used to work are no longer valid. Today’s asset tracking technology makes it easy to know what assets an organization has and where they may be lacking. Reports are fully customized and can be tailored precisely how your organization needs them to be. The software is also flexible and can grow and change as your organization grows, or your recipients need change.

The up-to-date data recorded allows non-profits to take notice of new trends or issues as they arise by seeing what assets are used or in some cases not used. This data can help determine where volunteers/staff are needed and what assets are more vital and require additional spending.

Helping Your Helpers

Asset tracking is also coming in to play when it comes to the needs of your organizations’ most important resource – the volunteers. By having accurate data on the assets, your organization possesses, and how and where they are used, you may see that your volunteers don’t have the right tools or equipment to help those in need. It could be a shortage of laptops to record donations at drop-off locations, or not enough trucks to handle the number of calls for donation pick-ups.

Donors look to the volunteers to help guide them whether they are making a financial or tangible donation. If your organization can’t handle what people are willing to bring in, then they will look elsewhere and give their funds, items to someone else. Having a good grasp on your assets and ensuring you have the right tools to make your organization run will help your non-profit and those who work within it run a lot more smoothly. In turn, this creates donor confidence and non-profits have the transparency to show exactly what their contributions are being used for.

Asset tracking also is a considerable time and money saver for non-profits, especially when volunteers are involved. By automating and streamlining tasks associated asset tracking, non-profits reduce the expense of hiring someone or entrusting volunteers to handle the tedious manually. Volunteers are also spending their time helping those in need instead of searching for missing or lost equipment or tools. Staff is more accountable as well by being responsible for knowing where assets are and what condition they are in.

Asset Panda is helping non-profits be more viable, worthwhile, and investable. Asset Panda helps non-profits keep track of where each item is/was located, type, size it is and builds a service history for each piece of equipment for auditing purposes. Users can even create and manage work orders against equipment maintenance in Asset Panda. Our non-profit asset tracking and management configuration features:

  • Comprehensive directory of all of your vital equipment
  • Look up the complete history of the equipment
  • Track assets by vendor
  • Look up parent/child relationships among equipment
  • Check in/out – you know where your assets are at any time
  • Notify technicians of lease expirations
  • Schedule routine maintenance
  • No additional hardware/software needed – use the mobile devices you already carry

Non-profit organization Team Gleason provides technology services and support to patients suffering from ALS disease. The organization has seen significant changes since implementing Asset Panda to track and manage their vital assets.

When everyone in your organization has quick and easy access to information they need, everyone has quick and easy on-demand access to what they need to know about your assets. Learn more about how Asset Panda can aid non-profits with a free 14-day trial.


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