How 3 Industries Use Asset Panda to Track Assets

One of the greatest features of Asset Panda is that it can track assets for virtually any size company in any industry. Whether you are a small 5-person startup working out of a home office or a huge Fortune 500 company with operations on multiple continents – Asset Panda has proven that it is the most simple and effective way for a company to track assets.

Asset Panda users have provided some of the greatest feedback and real-use scenarios as to how the platform works for them. Many businesses faced monumental challenges when it came to tracking assets and were constantly losing time and money trying to track equipment down. Companies simply had no idea of what assets they own, where they are, or what condition they are in. Employees were just guessing where equipment might be. Companies were spending thousands of dollars to replace equipment that was thought to be lost or even stolen, when in fact, it was just misplaced.


"Many businesses faced monumental challenges when it came to tracking assets and were constantly losing time and money trying to track equipment down."


Employees were also hesitant to learn a new software program. Many were used to excel spreadsheets but had no idea how problematic that method was and it was hindering the process of tracking instead of helping. Advances in technology are the norm, but who has the time to sit and learn a whole new system when companies are expecting work to be completed in a timely manner?

Scenarios like all of these above are where Asset Panda has really stood out and changed the game for so many of our users. Every company has certain needs, and Asset Panda has proven itself to be flexible enough to be what companies need it to be and it grows and adapts as each individual company grows.

Here are three Asset Panda users from three different industries. Each of these companies was using electronic spreadsheets to track assets before they found Asset Panda. They have discovered that Asset Panda brings so much more value to the task of tracking assets and they are saving more than just time and money.

Public Education
Union County (Kentucky) Public Schools (UCPS)

The technology department is responsible for ensuring the effective planning, operation, and maintenance of technology for the students and staff of UCPS. The technology team used Excel spreadsheets and relied on manual entry for each asset. There was no automation in place. Eight months after integrating Asset Panda, it has made a world of difference. It has helped the team keep up with several assets, which is required as a public entity. The barcode scanning functionality has been especially useful in the process of tracking and managing assets. Now they have a real-time knowledge of what assets they have and where they are at any given time. The technology team is working to deploy Asset Panda to manage all of their IT assets across 6 locations and are integrating helpdesk tickets to track issues with devices to make decisions on when to retire certain pieces of equipment.


Emergency Management
British Red Cross

The British Red Cross coordinates logistics – the deployment and collection of first aid kits across the UK. Before they started using Asset Panda, they relied on spreadsheets and knowledge in people’s heads. Both were extremely inefficient methods to track assets. Asset Panda allows them to now to log all of their equipment, asset tags, schedule for maintenance, cleaning and issue/collection. The tool also allows them to associate costs with usage and generate the volume of equipment used versus what was issued.

British Red Cross is utilizing both the mobile and desktop apps, and can instantly see which assets are available. The scheduling features have been particularly useful, which has translated into reduced costs on maintenance and repairs. Minimal stock holding schedules have reduced their spend on unnecessary assets, and they are benefiting from improved courier and delivery costs.


J K Merrill & Sons, Inc. 

Construction firm J K Merrill & Sons have more than 300 pieces of equipment to track and manage. Before Asset Panda, they too were using an Excel spreadsheet. It was just cumbersome. As a new user, they are primarily using the web-based desktop version. They started tracking their assets from scratch once they got Asset Panda in place, and are building and adding data in Asset Panda all the time. Asset Panda has given their team a centralized location for all of their equipment tracking and management, and they can now record equipment repairs and attach documents and photos to each piece of equipment.

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