Inventory and Asset Management Software Just Makes (Dollars and) Sense


Inventory and asset management software is no longer optional. Organizations are simply too busy to keep up with the ever-changing details surrounding inventory and asset management – and besides, manual tracking is incredibly error-prone. Why leave your company’s future to chance?

If you’re an organization with inventory to track and manage, you’re to trying to maintain that perfect balance between not enough inventory, in which case you could possibly lose customers; and too much inventory, resulting in products that gather dust on your warehouse shelves and ultimately must be either deeply discounted or discarded altogether. You’ve also got seasonal variations for which you need to forecast adequate inventory. Perhaps you have one location without enough inventory, while another location has too much, so you need a 30,000-foot view over your entire stock to be able to make informed decisions about reordering and allocation.

Here's a closer look at how Asset Panda helped one organization realize greater efficiencies in its inventory management efforts:

On the asset tracking side of the equation, most modern organizations have at least some assets they need to track and manage. IT assets are the most commonly discussed fixed assets, but fixed assets can also include office furniture, real estate, vehicles, anything a company uses to conduct business (but from which it doesn’t draw a profit). Perhaps the reason why IT assets are so commonly mentioned in the asset tracking conversation is that they’re among the most commonly stolen and/or lost. Each year, companies and organizations lose thousands due to these stolen assets. Unfortunately, the material loss is sometimes just the beginning. If a company-issued laptop, smartphone or tablet contains sensitive information that hasn’t been adequately protected through appropriate security measures, loss or theft of that device could put the company or its clients at risk. It’s also important to note that the value of fixed assets must be reported for accounting and compliance purposes, and some of them (examples include factory equipment, vending machines, copy machines and more) must be routinely serviced to ensure they remain in good working order. Staying on schedule with servicing, then, requires that a staff member or members keep track of important dates.

Regardless of your industry or organization size, you’re trying to make the most of the resources you’ve got. That’s why inventory and asset management software is a smart investment. With the right software solution, you can rest easy knowing that your data is accurate. No more guesswork or costly errors. You can focus on what you do best while the software helps you protect your bottom line.

Here’s a great example on the asset management side, provided by Asset Panda, the most powerful inventory and asset management software in the world: Lost and damaged assets cost school systems across the United States nearly $3 billion a year. Consider all of the assets within a single school: computer equipment, tablets, desks, tables, copiers, P.E. equipment, musical instruments, even pencils and pens. It adds up. The average school system loses $250,000 every year due to damaged, lost or stolen equipment, and $80,000 of that is technology. Numbers are what bring most of us a healthy dose of reality, right?

If you’re ready to experience measurable savings of time and money, then quit spinning your wheels working on an Excel spreadsheet that leaves you subject to errors and frustration. Asset Panda offers you total customization, flexibility and ease of use with its free mobile apps that sync with the cloud. Track your assets any way you want – all you’ll need is the smartphone or tablet you already carry.

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