3 Ways an Inventory App Can Make Your Work Life Easier

Companies institute and keep a chain of command for a reason. However, when you have to go through that chain of command just to get the information you need to do your job, it can become problematic. There's no guarantee that any one person will have what you need. Tracking people down and asking them about something they may not even be familiar with wastes time that you and your employees need to spend on other tasks.

Using an inventory app to give your employees access to your company's database can help circumvent many of the problems that come from a manual inventory tracking system.

Avoid Playing Corporate Telephone

He said, she said, who knows what anyone is saying? The more people you have to go through to find some information, the more chances for error and mix-ups. Not to mention the amount of time it takes to track people down.

Having a mobile app for your inventory that all of your employees have access to will give them a way to find relevant information quickly. Since they don't have to spend time talking to people who might not know what they need, they can be sure that the data they find is accurate and can be acted on without error.

Keep Data in a Central Inventory App

One of the biggest problems with office organization is having information in more than one place. Your employees might be aware of the main information hub, but if you have additional hubs, they can miss out on valuable information.

Giving your employees access to relevant data using an inventory app means that they will have all of the information they need in the palm of their hands. Cloud software also means that if something happens to your copy of the records, you can still recover them without having to worry about data loss.

Reduce Errors in Your Inventory Records

A little mistake here and there may not seem like a big deal, but over time those mistakes can add up and cost your company big. If your inventory records are difficult to access, that makes it less likely that your employees will go out of their way to update them as your stock changes. When your inventory isn't updated in real-time, you risk having an inaccurate record influencing you and your employees' decisions.

Promoting access to your inventory records through an inventory app means all of your employees will see the same information, no matter when or where they access it. This means it doesn't matter when anyone on your team pulls up data about your company's stock on hand, they can be sure it will always be accurate.

Asset Panda created a platform that is easy to use through the mobile app. We know your employees have their mobile devices with them anyways, so we decided to make it easy for them to access valuable work information. Our cloud-based database means that your records are updated in real time, so you can know the state of your inventory as well as if you were in the storage facilities yourself. We know that you're not always able to come into work, so having your inventory records stored in the cloud means you can still manage your inventory even if you have to work in a different location.

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