Why Keeping Your Inventory Hand-Held Is a No-Brainer for Field Work

Traditionally, keeping inventory was a process that was done in one location for each department. Nowadays, it's easier than ever to keep your records in an inventory hand-held database. Advancements in cloud technology have made it easy to access company information at any time and from any location. While just a few years ago this was seen as a luxury, now it is vital to the way many businesses operate.

Being able to access your inventory in the palm of your hand is incredibly useful when your team works out in the field. Trying to keep track of all of the changes from a static location will only lead to incorrect information that you can't keep updated in real time.

What Types of Companies Would Benefit From Keeping Their Inventory Hand-Held?

There are dozens of different industries that would benefit from being able to access inventory records in the palm of their hand. Companies across these industries rely on specific equipment to help them fill work orders and meet client needs. Here are a few of them:


Appliance and technology technicians are required to go on site in order to fulfill client work orders. Even before the days of easily accessible technology, plumbers, electricians, and other handymen would travel to their clients' homes in order to fix the problems they were experiencing.

Hand-held technology now makes the administrative part of fixing machines faster than ever. Technicians can spend more time working on client problems, and in turn, making more money.


Construction teams do most of their work on each client site. Whether the team is constructing an entirely new building or improving existing structures, they need to know what tools they have on site. Each type of task requires special equipment. For example, laying a foundation requires concrete and a mixer to get the correct solution.

Not having access to necessary tools can completely halt the construction process. While there are often many tasks that need work on each site, some of those tasks are required before production can continue. The sooner workers know what they don't have, the faster they can fix the problem before it halts construction.

Cleaning Services

Whether your business works to clean residences or commercial property, you are required to be on site for every job. In order to clean your clients' locations, you need to keep a number of cleaning supplies on hand. Depending on what type of cleaning you are doing, these supplies could range from general cleaning fluids to specialized equipment created for cleaning pools, medical devices, and automobiles.

If you run out in the middle of a job, you'll immediately have to leave to restock. Not only does this take time out of your schedule, but it also comes off as unprofessional and could cost you customers.

Working on Site

There are a number of other services that require you to travel to your client. From in-house doctor's visits to door to door sales, there's no limit to the type of work that requires you to travel. However, most of these professions require specific equipment and tools in order to provide the specific service requested. Keeping track of your business inventory is vital to your ability to provide for your clients' needs, which is fortunately possible with hand-held equipment.


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