Improve Your Asset Tracking with an Inventory Management Module

Inventory management doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Adding an inventory management module to your asset tracking platform is a great way to put everything you need in the same place.

If you’re already using Asset Panda to track your fixed or fluid assets, it could be beneficial for you to add this module to your work system. Even if you don’t rely on inventory for customer products, every company has an inventory of supplies they rely on to complete their work.

Here’s exactly what you can expect by expanding your current asset tracking solution to include inventory.

Avoid Creating Errors in Data Transfers

Keeping related information in different software programs can create a lot of busywork. Switching back and forth between the platforms creates dozens of opportunities for mistakes to enter your system. If you aren’t sure exactly where something is stored, you could spend hours of your valuable time trying to track it down.

If you rely on any sort of manual data entry, you’re hurting your business. Each time you transfer information, you’re using up valuable time and effort. It’s also incredibly difficult to check manual entries. You have no idea where they came from, so you don’t have a way of verifying the correctness of the information.

Store All of Your Data in One Place

Instead of trying to wrangle data from different locations, keep it all in the same place. Bundling your asset tracking and inventory management system into one neat package simplifies your operations tasks. No more trying to remember where you stored information on your latest product order.

When you have all your information in one place, you can see a complete picture of what is happening in your business. This will make it easy for you to create accurate budgets and plan for future expansions. You can also see when you need to send items in for repairs or plan on replacing them.

Customize Your Tracking Solution

A tracking solution that works well for one business may cause all sorts of problems for another. Not being able to customize your asset and inventory tracking software means you’ll have some unnecessary complications arise.

You know your business better than anyone else. You know what sorts of solutions would be most beneficial, and you probably have some idea of implementations that would best benefit how you operate. Asset Panda’s platform is infinitely customizable, so you can get exactly the support you need.

Allow Company-wide Access to Your Inventory Management Module

Sometimes your employees need to access items in inventory. However, if they don’t typically have access, it can take a while for them to find the right person and make a request. By including an inventory management module in your cloud-based asset tracking system, you can streamline the employee access process.

Keeping security privileges in your asset tracking program also ensures that employees who don’t interact with specific assets don’t have access to their records.

Asset Panda’s infinitely configurable platform means you can take care of all your asset and inventory tracking needs in one place. Whether you’re a small business that needs a one size fits all platform, or you want to make your tracking operations smoother, our platform can help you.

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