Asset Panda’s Inventory Management Software Making Waves Across The Pond

Inventory management software has come a long way since the days of online spreadsheets and Excel documents. Today’s inventory management software options have virtually eliminated hours of manually entering data and figuring out tricky formulas. The process has become fully automated with time and cost-saving features. And in our competitive business environment, when you save both of those, it’s a win!

Tracking and managing inventory is a task that’s handled all over the world. Businesses and industries of all shapes and sizes need to manage inventory. In many cases, accurate inventory numbers can mean the difference if a company survives or closes. When jobs are on the line, there’s simply no room for guesswork.

Inventory management software has taken on so many roles and can do so many more tasks than users think, such as:
  • track in one location the flow of your products
  • automatically update stock levels with each sale/purchase
  • view inventory in the “big picture”
  • make informed decisions about products to order, or not order
  • set up alerts or notes about products to avoid over/under stocking situations
  • manage sales around seasonal trends to forecast for the next year
  • manage inventory in multiple locations anytime, anywhere from one central point
  • include photos, video, notes, alerts, maintenance records about assets and/or inventory

The bottom line is that inventory management software helps companies manage and track what’s coming in, what’s going out, what’s being serviced and what’s in stock. Having the knowledge about these basic components when it comes to being up-to-speed on your inventory will lead you on a more informed path with better and more accurate data.

Asset Panda sets the precedent of innovation when it comes to the process of asset and inventory tracking and management. This unique platform has been recognized as a powerful, highly intuitive mobile ecosystem that tracks assets and inventory throughout their respective life cycles and closes the communication loop among stakeholders. Powered by free Android and iPhone/iPad apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda’s tracking and management platform feature an intuitive interface and completely customizable features that enable employees to work from anywhere, on devices they are already using. That means they have quick and easy on-demand access to everything they need to know about their company’s assets and inventory.

Asset Panda continues to receive recognition around the world, being named among the “best” of many important and well-respected lists for asset and inventory tracking and management. The most recent accolade is from London, England-based, ITPro, who has named Asset Panda among the “Best in Inventory Management Software.”

Based in London, ITPro provides real-world insight and advice to guide business and technology decision makers through the maze of information and communication technology investment. Their review of Asset Panda emphasizes the value that Asset Panda brings companies no matter where they are located who are looking for a solid inventory management software program.

One notable highlight about Asset Panda by ITPro and why it’s been named among the “Best in Inventory Management Software” claims:

It’s particularly useful for tracking the service life of a piece of equipment. For example, if you work in an IT department, you’ll need to keep tabs on who’s using which terminal, whether it’s being serviced, if its maintenance is up to date and what condition it’s in. Asset Panda holds all of this information, with mobile terminals and barcode scanners available to communicate all of this data to the IT department. It uses GPS to track the equipment’s location and supports photos of the products to show equipment is being maintained correctly.

Asset Panda is honored to be named among other notable software programs in this list. The team will continue making strides in the asset and inventory management field to provide an even more intuitive and powerful platform when it comes to asset and inventory management software for companies all over the world.

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