Need An Inventory Management Software Module? Asset Panda’s Got it!

When you think of Asset Panda and what Asset Panda provides to its users, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is “asset management”. But Asset Panda is more than just asset management. Did you know that Asset Panda also features an Inventory Management Software Module as part of its powerful and user-friendly tracking platform? Having a tool of this caliber on your side that can track assets as well as manage inventory can totally change the game for your business.

Tracking assets and inventory can be a very time-consuming process. Entering in every bit of data bit by bit, risking the chance that something might be manually entered incorrectly is an issue that companies face every day. And think of companies with hundreds or even thousands of assets that have to be kept up with every day. Do you know where every tool is at any given time? Who checked it out last and when will it be returned? When was the last time a piece of equipment was updated or is it having frequent trips to the repair shop? Not knowing these important pieces of information can be detrimental to the operation of a business that relies heavily on its assets.

Controlling and managing inventory is a challenging task in and of itself. Companies need to constantly be aware of what they have at any given time and must be able to meet customers’ demands or risk losing them to the competition. Competition is tight and knowing what you have can make or break you in some instances.

The benefits of having an inventory management software platform are many – significant time savings, eliminating guesswork from repair and replacement decisions, reduced taxes, savings on insurance, fast audits, reduced asset/inventory losses and more accurate reporting. More importantly, inventory and asset management software give companies the ability to:
Know what you own
Know where your assets are
Know who has them
Know what condition they are in
Store all information in one location

Thankfully companies no longer have to worry about long, error-prone handwritten ledgers or typing data into an excel spreadsheet that anyone can access and edit – potentially deleting loads of data. Asset Panda’s Inventory Management Module makes the pain-staking task of constantly updating lists of assets and inventory and their values a thing of the past.

Determining the actual value of your assets and evaluating other influential factors can take hours. Asset Panda provides anywhere anytime access to real-time data, making it easy to verify where an item is, whether you’ve already purchased an item and its maintenance history, or generate and send reports straight to accounting departments, insurance providers or other necessary parties that make a business run.

Used in conjunction with Asset Panda’s asset tracking and management platform, the Asset Panda Inventory Management Module keeps real-time data easily accessible, from anywhere at any time, so your entire organization can work smarter. Asset Panda’s Inventory Management Module provides companies with the qualitative data to:
  • Quickly integrate with legacy systems
  • Seamlessly import data from existing spreadsheets
  • Create customizable reports for relevant, contextual insights
  • Check in/check out keeps you up to date with all relevant information
  • Reduce redundancy, loss, and theft
  • Improve budgeting, planning and financial preparation
  • Increase tax and insurance accuracy
  • Better determine appreciation/depreciation value
  • Enhance disaster recovery

When it comes to dynamic features, ease of use and potential for return on investment, Asset Panda has is your perfect tool for inventory management or asset tracking. Try it for yourself free for 14 days and visit to get started.

Audra London

Audra London, founder of Conceptual Communications, LLC, has over 10 years of writing, public relations and marketing experience and serves as an expert on press releases, media relations, feature writing, web content and marketing copy.

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