Inventory Tracker Software Introduces Automation, Accuracy and Ease


Modern business moves at a dizzying pace, making inventory tracker software a must for efficiency – not to mention one’s sanity. The idea behind this technology is to maintain that careful balance between over- and understocking. Inventory tracker software also monitors inventory as it travels between locations; checks in inventory when it arrives at its destination; and tracks the picking, packing and shipping of inventory from the warehouse.

With inventory tracker software, companies are able to ensure that their customers always have access to the items they want to purchase. At the same time, companies are able to save money when they don’t have items languishing on shelves, ultimately becoming outdated. The software helps organizations determine appropriate “buffers” to allow for unexpected demand; and allows companies to monitor sales, communicate with their suppliers, predict and adjust for seasonal demand, and reorder when necessary. The best software serves up data in real time 24 hours a day, so that companies always have the assurance that they’re making decisions based on accurate information. Most software on the market today provides a means for data and trend analysis and the creation of reports.

These increased efficiencies save time, because companies are immediately able to track down the precise locations and quantities of items; cut down on errors that often occur with manual data entry; increase tax and insurance accuracy; enhance disaster recovery; and help manage different currencies and tax rates for companies with a presence in overseas markets.

Inventory management is complicated business. Many companies – startups, in particular -- rely on Excel spreadsheets to perform this task. That’s often a decision they make in hopes of saving money. However, cutting corners ultimately proves to be a costly decision when errors, frustration, confusion and wasted time inevitably result.

Inventory tracker software introduces automation, accuracy and ease to this tedious task, while making a measurable difference in your bottom-line revenues. Asset Panda offers the most powerful inventory tracker software in world, served up in a deceptively simple format: through a streamlined and simple mobile app. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner, effectively eliminating the need for any additional hardware to use the platform. All you need is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. And you can add as many of your stakeholders to the tool as you’d like; there’s no additional charge. When it comes to your inventory, everyone needs to be involved in the conversation.

With Asset Panda, from the palm of your hand, you can manage the entire lifecycle of your inventory. You can set triggers to warn you when your stock levels are either too low or too high, track ever-changing values and pinpoint the exact location of any item, as well as its condition and other vital information. You’re also able to analyze seasonal conditions and buying patterns and improve your inventory forecasts.

You won’t need any extensive training to understand Asset Panda; it’s incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. From the app’s dashboard to the fields and columns, notifications, alerts and reports, and security settings, Asset Panda has been built to give clients the means to track and manage their inventory exactly how they want. Importing and exporting data into and out of the tool is quick and easy, and Asset Panda easily integrates with legacy systems.

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust Asset Panda’s inventory tracker software to help them track their inventory quickly, efficiently and accurately. Try it free for 14 days. To learn more or to get started, visit


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