Get in Shape for the New Year With an Inventory Tracking Program

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get your house in order? A good inventory tracking program can help you meet that goal. When it comes to your inventory, you simply can’t afford to trust a manual system. Such systems usually rely on an Excel spreadsheet and are subject to human error, whether it’s a typo, an accidental omission, missed keystroke or some other mistake. Your employees have a lot on their plates already. Keeping up with an Excel spreadsheet is extremely difficult when inventory is moving in and out of your warehouse. It's also a challenge to monitor the condition of your equipment with manual record-keeping. An Excel spreadsheet can’t tell you the exact location of an item, its condition and who has it. Nor does it enable you to access an asset’s maintenance history, insurance policy and depreciation figures, among other critical data.

When these kinds of information gaps exist, the all-too-common result is theft, loss and early breakdown of expensive equipment, and/or fines associated with inaccurate reporting of depreciation. Broken, lost or stolen equipment also means a drop in your productivity. And some other issues are harder to quantify, like the frustration your employees face when they’re trying to hunt down lost items.

All of these flaws are good reasons to invest in a real-time, comprehensive inventory tracking program. Do a quick Google search of the term, and you’re met with a lengthy list of names. While those products may seem similar at first glance, they’re not. Price is important, to be sure, but even more vital are criteria like ease of use, flexibility and customization capabilities. With Asset Panda, you get all of the above, including an extremely competitive price point.

Asset Panda is based on free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, which gives you the assurance that your data is always in real time. And it’s accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You may add an unlimited number of users to your account at no additional charge, so you can bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop. That increases both accuracy and accountability throughout your entire organization, while saving you money.

The Asset Panda app includes a mobile barcode scanner and requires no additional hardware, software or software licenses to use. All that’s needed is the smartphone or tablet you already carry. Once you’ve scanned in an asset, it’s easy to add supporting documents, voice notes, photos or videos to your records. The user interface is simple and completely customizable; you display your asset data in the way that makes sense for your business. A custom dashboard plus custom columns, fields, forms, asset listing views, notifications, alerts, reports, location/area/category security and role-based security settings are but a few of the features you can tailor to your needs.

The app is so intuitive that anyone can master it without training. User configurable views, sortable columns, the ability to link groups of data and a built-in search, among other features, save you time and frustration. From your mobile phone, create a work order, email a report, look up an item’s insurance policy expiration date, its check-in/check-out status, pull its depreciation figures for your accounting and compliance teams, or review its maintenance history. Use the tool as an enterprise service desk, if you wish, to reduce your support call volume. Asset Panda enables you to avoid shortages or excess quantity by giving you a comprehensive view of your inventory. You can avoid guesswork and reallocate inventory where it’s needed, based on accurate, real-time data.

Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, meaning that all of our clients receive full access to our entire features offering, which is robust and continually growing. This tool is the result of years of research, development and testing, and it’s flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become prevalent in the future.

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