What to Look for in an IT Inventory Software Program

If you have a lot of computers in your company, keep track of all of them can be difficult. Especially when each of your employees interacts with your computers in different ways, it can be difficult to know where a specific machine is at any given moment.

IT inventory software can help you manage your IT inventory in a way that helps you keep track of every machine. Successful IT management involves integration with accounting and other back-office software. Taking the time to integrate all of these systems helps you make sure the number and value of your IT assets on your financial reports match what you actually have on hand.

Integrating your inventory with all of your systems helps you optimize your inventory. You'll know exactly what you have on hand and can use that information to meet product and business demands.  Technology can quickly add up, so you don't want to purchase any hardware or software you already have on hand. An accurate log of your inventory means you won't have to spend a cent more than necessary on stocking your IT department.

The best way to find an IT inventory software that's right for you is to figure out what your current needs are. Do you only rely on computers to help your employees meet business demands? Do your customers interact with your computers in any way? Or, do some of your products involve computers? Depending on how your customers and clients fit into the equation, your system might need to be available to your audience. Or, it might need to be secured in a way that only your employees can access your inventory.

IT inventory can be complicated because it doesn't just involve what you have in your physical inventory. It also includes any software licenses you currently use to fulfill your business obligations. Software licenses can require subscriptions or updates, so keeping track of your software versions and licenses available can get complicated quickly. You'll need a system that not only keeps records of your physical assets but one that will keep track of your software and other intangible technology as well.

The best software will update in real time, be flexible, easy to use, and easily configured. These are all qualities Asset Panda's IT inventory software solution was designed with.

Asset Panda can help you improve your planning and budgeting processes. Our inventory management module can give you a complete understanding of what assets you how available and the condition each of them is in. When you know what you have on hand, you can prepare for future purchases and necessary upgrades.

Our configurable database works around your needs, making it easy to put information about your inventory, facilities management, asset value, and financial needs all in one place. We designed our platform to be intuitive, so easy a panda could do it. Once you input all of your inventory data into our system, you can update the database on the go. With our mobile app, you and your employees can access IT information on mobile devices they already carry with them. When you are able to access your IT inventory software at any time, you'll be better equipped to update your records in real time, reducing potential errors along the way.

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