Keep Your PC Assets Safe and Sound

Physical assets are only some of the valuable items you use to keep your company running. In this day and age, the world runs on computers, and that means your business has a lot of hardware and software to track.

When your computers don't work, your entire business can come to a halt. That's why tracking your PC assets is crucial to your success. When you track your technological assets, you'll get the best return for your investment. Tracking these valuable resources will help you know exactly what hardware and software your company owns, which ones they use, and which ones don't give value to your company.

Keeping track of IT inventory is a pain for anyone, even those familiar with IT processes. But inaccurate inventory records can lead to many issues like service delays, lack of knowledge about the value and use of your assets, and wasted resources. Outdated software can cost you in time and money, especially when that software is no longer supported by its developers. Any one of these issues can seriously disrupt and pose risks to your business.

With the help of IT asset tracking software, you can keep your IT inventory current and schedule maintenance to get the most value out of each asset. The asset tracking software scans your network and notifies you of all available devices, including some that may not be recorded in your records. Identifying such machines can help you utilize the resources you already have instead of spending money to obtain new hardware. You can also optimally plan out asset purchases for when your resources need replacing.

PC asset management software will help automate asset discovery, reporting and tracking of your IT infrastructure for all of your departments, not just those in IT. Help desks with access to such software simplify the IT inventory process, managing purchase orders, and managing work orders for parts and billing.

The software also helps identify both software and hardware assets through information like make, model, hostname, serial number, installed software, memory, hard drive, and more.

Asset Panda's PC Asset Tracking Platform helps you work smarter, even if you don't have an IT Department. With a highly flexible platform, Asset Panda works around you on the mobile devices your team already uses. Access real time knowledge about your technological assets by having all of your departments maintain your cloud-based database. The platform streamlines tracking, supporting, and managing your IT inventory while simplifying related tasks. Our Enterprise Service Desk Configuration can serve as your company's help desk to better streamline your work orders and help tickets. Best of all, you don't have to worry about staffing your own.

Asset Panda's unlimited configurability lets the platform change with your needs. Available through an intuitive interface, the software integrates with the system you already use.

Each asset entry has places to store information like repair history, asset value and lifespan, records of use and more. Tracking this information will help you identify patterns in the way your team utilizes each asset, and plan for asset maintenance in a way that won't disrupt your work flow.

Our free Mobile App comes with a built-in scanner so you don't have to purchase additional hardware to use the platform. The app gives your team access information to things like model and serial number, each asset's life cycle and value, and where the asset is located and who is using it at that time.

If you want to streamline your PC asset tracking for your entire team, consider starting a free 14-day trial today!

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