Why You Need to Keep a Software Asset Inventory

Trying to track all of your assets can be difficult and time-consuming. But when you keep a software asset inventory, you can avoid a lot of the hassle that comes with the territory. Using the right software can also help your company streamline several work processes, and free up your employees to tend to other business matters. We've examined some of the ways using the right program can benefit your business.

Save Time with a Software Asset Inventory

One of the biggest complaints companies have about doing inventory is the amount of time it takes to go through the process. Even with barcode scanners, it can take a lot of time to take stock of what equipment your workers use, where it's located, and who needs to use it. With a software asset inventory, you can easily update asset records in real time to allow all of your workers to know where company assets are located when they can expect to use them, and what condition each asset is in.

Find Items Faster

When you or one of your team members don't know where an item is located, it can take a lot of time to try and find that item. Staff can spend hours going from person to person asking if they know where the asset they are looking for is located. All of that time spent looking for an asset is a time you can't get back. But the right software program will help all of your team know the location of what they are looking for the moment they need it. Your employees can then use that time to work on client orders and other tasks that directly profit your business.

Reduce Errors

Keeping track of assets by hand is an easy way to make mistakes. No matter how careful your workers may be, human error is inevitable. Software asset inventory relies on computers that don't make mistakes. Their computing and processing power has easily surpassed what is available in the human mind. This isn't to say that your employees are dumb or that they can't do their jobs! Inventory software programs were designed to help humans make their work more efficient and reduce mistakes. You can rest assured that the data you're looking at is accurate and current.

Eliminate Overhead

Another common problem with keeping an inventory of your assets is that you can overlook items you have on hand. This can lead to buying too much and having inventory overhead. That surplus then drains company resources of space to store them and money to upkeep them. Using the right software, you'll be able to tell exactly how many assets of what kind your company has. This information will help you avoid purchasing assets you already have.


Asset Panda created a platform to help you keep an accurate software asset inventory. Our cloud-based database makes it easy for your inventory records to be updated in real time and be as accurate as possible. All of your employees can have access to your asset records, and having more people involved in the process makes it harder for mistakes to get overlooked. Our flexible interface makes it easy for all of your employees to learn the software on the go, and get back to work quickly.

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