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According to the U.S. Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October 2003, 77 million persons used a computer at work. Think of how much that number has changed now with the entry of laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Work isn’t just confined to the hours of 9-5 anymore, and using a computer solely as the only tool for managing assets based on their history log is no longer the norm. Nowadays, employees are becoming more mobile. Finding a cloud-based asset lifecycle management software that you can use on desktop computers and on the go is a crucial factor for many businesses. Look for in a computer asset lifecycle management software.

Today, computers and asset lifecycle management go hand in hand, and have made the once mundane and time-consuming practice of asset management a breeze for companies of all sizes across all industries.

Almost universally, organizations have computer asset management needs. In fact, your IT equipment could be among your biggest investments, and you want to keep those items in good working order for as long as possible. At the same time, however, your IT equipment is among your most vulnerable assets. The risk of theft is considerable, whether it’s within the walls of your organization or it happens when your employees travel with their equipment. Manual asset tracking systems, which rely largely on Excel spreadsheets, only compound that risk. Human error and oversight are both extremely common with manual systems. It also becomes extremely difficult to keep an accurate history log of all activities associated with each asset. If you want to prolong the life of your PCs and other IT assets, you need to move beyond spreadsheets and use a powerful, cloud-based system to track and manage the lifecycle of your equipment. Your organization’s bottom line stands to benefit greatly.

Why is Computer Asset Lifecycle Management Software Important?

From the palm of your hand, you have access to a computer’s location, who has it, and its condition. You can view its check-in/check-out status, monitor its location via GPS, and opt for an electronic signature to create accountability among stakeholders. Schedule service, issue work orders, and create custom notifications and alerts. Check on the computer’s maintenance history, service contract information/expiration dates, insurance policy, and purchase/lease information. Use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, and reduce the number of support calls your organization has to manage. It’s also easy to access the information your accounting and compliance departments need, which can save your organization significant revenue. When you have round-the-clock, real-time access to accurate data, you have the assurance that you’re managing your assets efficiently. No more paying for “ghost assets” that aren’t in your inventory anymore, and no more unnecessary replacement charges for equipment that broke down prematurely as a result of neglect. Asset Panda empowers your organization to be an effective steward of your most vital assets.

While this tool is a powerful mobile asset lifecycle management solution, it’s also incredibly easy to use. No training is required to use the tool; the web and mobile apps were designed with a simple, flexible user interface. A custom dashboard, custom reports, user configurable views, sortable columns, custom fields, and quick search are among its intuitive features. Add documents, voice notes, videos, or photos to asset information. Because you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, you may also opt for custom role-based security and/or custom location/area/category security. Data import and export are quick and easy. Email asset details from your mobile device. Assign contacts by location. It’s all within your reach.

As businesses grow, equipment is on the move, and the number of assets increases. Companies are finding that it is best to have a specific method for tracking and managing computers -- including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With today’s modern asset lifecycle management software, practices now go beyond computer asset tracking from a desktop, and the loss or theft of these items and the inability to track and keep up with them can cause harm to a business.

Common Features Included in a Computer Lifecycle Management Software

Keeping track of the entire lifecycle of your computer estate is a simple process with the proper asset lifecycle management tool. When you track your computers (or any other technical device), you have instant data to vital information on location, usage, and maintenance, which can be even more important for budgeting and replacement later down the line.

Key elements that computer asset lifecycle management tool monitors include:

  • Who actively uses the computer/has ownership
  • Where is the computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone
  • When someone used it and for how long
  • When was the last time maintenance performed
  • What is the current depreciated value of the equipment

Computer theft is, unfortunately, a common occurrence in today’s business climate. And the loss or theft of other related items, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, is even more common because they are small, valuable, and easily removed.

When these devices are lost or stolen, and you can't track them, it takes away valuable time and money from your business. Without knowing the location of an asset, you'll have to reload data, replace items that your organization can’t find, and risk potential security breaches or unauthorized use of data, not to mention insurance issues!

Just the simple task of incorporating computers and related equipment into asset tracking software can make a huge impact.

Asset Panda's Computer Lifecycle Management Software

Asset Panda is one of the best defenses a company can employ against theft and loss of valuable, everyday-use equipment like computers. Powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda provides real-time data so that clients can view the exact location and condition of their computer assets at any time.

Employees can view details like check-in/check-out status, insurance policy, lease/purchase information, maintenance history, and even GPS coordinates from a computer desktop or mobile device. When companies can monitor all assets, including computers, efficiently and accurately, they have the potential to save money.

Asset Panda was founded on the philosophy that clients should be able to track their assets any way they want. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional cost, which encourages more communication, greater accountability, and involvement from all stakeholders.

Try Asset Panda for yourself free for 14 days and find out why organizations trust us with their vital assets.


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