Maintaining Control of your Inventory

Letting your resources run wild could be a recipe for disaster. From collectors of rare and valuable items to office managers, how you approach inventory control should be a discussion of prime importance. Otherwise, you may be exposing your personal possessions or company resources to misuse and damage.

The Need for a System

Many events related to inventory can have a negative impact on your collections or corporate budget. Severe weather or natural disasters can force you into lengthy insurance claims where details and information can smooth the process of recouping your losses significantly. For company utilities, a lacking or non-existent system could open the door for the misuse and mistreatment of your vital resources. Potentially compounding this issue are faulty replacement requests that do not have the proper information to budget for an acceptable substitute.

Means of Codification

Using tools for inventory control can help mitigate these risks. Foremost among these options is Asset Panda. With this tool, you can categorize your items via a variety of inputs. Purchase prices, dates, and replacement values can all be used to codify your possessions and restore them in the event of losses or damages. For companies that incorporate bulk orders of products, you can sort your inventory by the model or serial number of the product in question. This can help promote accountability and expedience when repairs and replacements are requisitioned. All of these services are bundled into budget friendly packages that can be used on the go.


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