Justifying Why Maintenance Tracking Boosts Your Business

Assets play a key role in any business in order for it to run successfully. If something happens to critical assets, such as being lost, misplaced or not properly maintained, their absence can have quite an impact on daily operations. Improper maintenance is one of the most preventable delays. With good maintenance tracking processes, companies can make more informed decisions about how to use their assets, where they can be assigned and when it’s necessary to purchase more equipment.

Within any company, no matter the size or industry, you have equipment that requires inspection, service, and repair. By not maintaining a thorough and accurate history for each of those items, the first time you’ll realize that an item needs service is when it breaks down. By not keeping up with the maintenance history from the beginning, you could be looking at a costly fix or even a more expensive replacement. Proper maintenance tracking from the moment an asset enters the workforce can eliminate that unnecessary spending.

Asset tracking software can keep all the details about an asset in once central location. Users have access anytime, from anywhere about the entire lifecycle of an asset, including full maintenance tracking capabilities. This also includes important details when it comes time to repairs. Notes kept in the platform on each asset can include whether a repair is covered under warranty, or whether your warranty has expired. There’s no more guesswork.

Maintenance tracking can be a huge time and money saver. But it also plays an important role for many different tasks associated with an asset. A good maintenance tracking platform in which everyone is brought into the communication loop increases accountability, reduces theft and loss, and streamlines what used to be time-consuming, confusing processes. Other benefits include:

More Efficient Work Practices
Maintenance tracking software can connect to mobile devices, allowing technicians and workers to access up to date information, check inventory, and put in work orders while they are in the field. The software eliminates the need for complex paperwork, and time spent trying to find the right work order.

Scheduling Tasks Team-Wide
Teams need a reliable work calendar to ensure they schedule preventative maintenance before it’s too late. Many assets are used by multiple people across different facilities. They rely on the equipment to be ready to use when it’s checked back in. A good maintenance tracking software sends reminders to the right people to make sure tasks are done on time and not forgotten. And other team members know who had the equipment last, what it was used for and when it will be returned. This allows them to schedule projects accordingly in conjunction with when the equipment will be ready.

Safety First
Ensuring equipment is in proper working conditions is incredibly important for the safety of the employees using it. Equipment always needs to be properly maintained and in good standing. Maintenance tracking systems can hold important data as to what licenses are required to operate specific machinery, insurance claims, and regulations necessary to observe during operation.

With Asset Panda’s maintenance tracking system, you can ensure that your teams have what they need and that equipment isn’t sitting idle in one location while needed in another. Or it’s in poor condition and on the brink of a costly and preventable repair. The ability to tap into asset maintenance schedules and history is quick and easy.

Users can research or set milestone notices for scheduled maintenance, warranty expiration, calibration deadline, etc. by using custom date fields to set up notifications days in advance. Then, once the actions are performed in the system, you can see the full repair history with details on where the event was performed and who performed it, as well as the overall cost.

Not only will designated employees have anytime anywhere access to detailed maintenance data, our intuitive interface is a breeze to use. And integration is just as simple, with seamless import from existing spreadsheets that’ll have you up and running quickly. And whether you log in online or use our free Mobile App, Asset Panda lets your team work on devices they’re already using.

Give Asset Panda a try with a free 14-day trial and see how proper, real-time maintenance tracking can boost your business.


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