Make a Used Car Salesman More Likely to Tell You the Truth

Used car salesmen have earned a well-deserved reputation for being slick. They will sell you just about anything, and sometimes, it's hard to know whether you're getting a good car or not. Even if you bring along a mechanic friend or someone who knows what he's doing, you have no real guarantee that there isn't something well hidden in the car. Worst of all, you may sometimes buy a lemon.

While there's no way to really avoid this entirely, one of the things you can do to make it less likely that the salesman will rip you off is to play the information game. Get as many details as you can and put them into writing. They don't have to be in the formal contract necessarily as many of the so called warranties that used car salesmen use are not actually there anyway.

Makes Notes in Your Inventory Application

The one thing that a good slick used car salesman will not do is let his words be put into writing. In fact, you'll find that he becomes a lot more honest if he realizes that you're taking notes. It's even better when you take the time to open up your asset management program with Asset Panda and start filling out the information on the car. When you get to the notes section, explain to the used car salesman that you want to make sure that you have this down correctly. Put down everything that he has promised. Then have him look at it. Ask him if that is correct. If he hems and haws, then ask for a clarification. By the time that you have what he is really willing to commit to, tell him that you are relying on that information. Type that phrase precisely into the notes section along with the statement that at such date and time, the used car salesman affirmed the following details.

The benefit of this is that you now have a written record of what the used car salesman has said. While keeping tabs on your car is good asset management in general, this purpose is more to avoid being scammed. In some states, these notes will be admissible. The statement that you are "relying on this information" is the necessary basis for establishing fraud in most states. Because you are doing this with his knowledge, you can then bring this information into evidence.

You can make Asset Panda work even harder for you if decide to take the physical asset management option even farther and take pictures with your smartphone. Take pictures of everything that you discuss with the salesman. Get a picture even of the salesman if you can.

Record the Conversation

The other thing that you can do to make sure that there is no confusion is to record the conversation. This means that you will have to let the salesman know in advance that you need to record the conversation. You can explain it as needed to be able to repeat it back exactly to your mechanic or to someone else, which is a good idea in general. Even if you are in a state that allows you to record conversations without the other person knowing about it, make sure that you disclose this fact. The point is not to catch the used car salesman in a lie but rather to make sure that you get the truth.

Make sure that you get the same information that you would put into the notes. You need to make sure that you include the statement that you are "relying on this information." You also need the used car salesman to affirm the statements. You cannot just say that the salesman said such and such about the car. If the salesman won't make the statement himself, then say something like, "So you are saying that this car comes with these guarantees?" Then the salesman needs to say "yes" or "no." If he tries to just nod, then ask that he say it into the microphone.


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