Make Your Veterinary Clinic More Efficient With IT Assets


Most vet clinics utilize current technology in treating their patients. However, to some degree, all clinics could benefit from more advanced vet tech or more diagnostic equipment. Today’s article will go into the benefits of implementing more assets, as well as how to figure out what types of assets your clinic could benefit from next.

Types of IT Assets That Would Benefit Your Clinic

There are two major types of assets that would help your clinic. That includes diagnostic/treatment, and administrative assets. Diagnostic assets involve things like ultrasounds, MRIs, etc. Administrative assets include computers, hardware, software, tablets, and more.

If you’ve invested in any kind of technology, it’s likely diagnostic equipment. You likely also have some type of administrative assets on hand, but they could be incredibly outdated. Updating your administrative assets will make your backend tasks more efficient and easier to manage. You can book patients more easily, and minimize the amount of time your administrative tasks take you to complete.

Benefits of Increasing Your IT Assets

When you have modern IT assets, whether it's for your administrative tasks for treating patients, there are several benefits you can expect to see.

The biggest one is that you’ll get results faster. When you have more advanced equipment, what used to take hours can now take minutes.

Because you’ll get faster results, that means you can reduce visit times. That’ll allow you to see more patients, and increase your income-generating tasks.

You’ll also have more assurance that the results you’re providing to your patients will be more accurate. Many technologies can allow you to see things as they are happening in your animal patients. This real-time diagnosis can help you see things over time, and check to make sure things are working the way they are supposed to.

Many technologies will also give you the opportunity to reduce critter discomfort. Many animals are afraid of going to the vet, so the more comfortable you can make them, the happier they’ll be. Their owners will also appreciate you making them feel better, and will be more likely to give you referrals.

Finally, the last big benefit is that you’ll have ways to treat your patients that other vet clinics don’t. Differentiating yourself from your competitors in this way will allow you to charge more, and attract owners who are interested in getting their animals treated with the latest technology.

Consider Conducting an IT Asset Audit

The only way to know for sure if what you have is enough for your needs is to conduct an IT asset audit.

Here are the steps for doing an audit.

Identify Your Needs

What sorts of tasks are taking up the most time? What things are you doing multiple times a day that could be improved with better technology? Are there treatment types you’ve been looking to offer, but can’t because you don’t have the right equipment? Are there administrative tasks that are taking up way more time than necessary? Answering these questions will help you figure out what you need.

Hone in on What You Have

Once you know what your needs are, figure out what you currently have. Could some of these assets help you meet your needs if you had more updated technology? Or do you need something else entirely?

Figure Out What Assets Would Meet Your Needs

Once you know what your needs are, and know that what you have isn’t enough to meet those needs, take some time to research what’s currently available. What can you implement on the market that would be a great addition to your inventory?

Identify Benefits of Using Assets

We’ve listed some benefits of using assets that would meet your needs above. Figuring out exactly how it would help is a great way to get funding from managers or other personnel. If you can demonstrate specific, tangible benefits of investing in new technology, you’ll be met with less resistance in acquiring it.

Create an Acquisition Plan

Now you know what you need and how it’ll benefit you. It’s time to invest in an acquisition plan. Identify what you need to do, what you need to change, and how much you need to make the purchase. Figure out what type of payment plan you can get on, and how to position your clinic to be ready for this new technology.

Tech is a great way to make your clinic more efficient and better able to provide care. When you can cut down on repeatable tasks, you can treat more patients and provide better treatment overall.


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