Managing Your Car Collection

According to the official website of his collection,, Jay Leno has approximately 190 vehicles in his California garage. While you probably don't have millions of dollars worth of custom and antique cars like this famous comedian, your collection is still something to be proud of considering all of the hard work your have put into this hobby. It doesn't make any sense to forgo asset protection and let simple issues build into bigger and more expensive problems.

Building a System

An unorganized collection could lead to issues with repair requests and completing projects. No one has a perfect memory, so keeping track of all of the pieces needed to restore or repair your favorite cars isn't easy. With an asset protection plan, you can keep up with all of the routine maintenance on engines and other parts, as well as the pieces involved in larger projects. Asset Panda offers entries for each car on your smartphone, complete with model information, notes, and pictures. This way, you'll never have to take a guess at which tool or part you need when shopping at the automotive store. A few quick minutes to put in your info can make life a lot easier when sorting out all of the cars in your collection.


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