Mobile Audit Improves Outcomes for Law Enforcement Agencies

Law enforcement agencies have to have an accurate read on the fixed assets in their possession at all times, which is why the ability to conduct a mobile audit is so vitally important. Police officers rely on a great deal of equipment and tools to do their jobs, both out in the field and the office. Due to the nature of their jobs, there isn’t time to hunt down an item. Police officers should be able to rest assured that the assets they need to protect and serve are right at their fingertips.

Mobile Audits Keep Police Prepared

The ability to conduct a mobile audit means that law enforcement agencies can determine at any time, from any place, the equipment and tools they have, what condition those items are in, and where those items are located. That knowledge makes all the difference in the preparedness of officers to respond to crises. Consider a police officer’s typical shift. In reality, there is no typical shift, as no two days are alike. No officer knows what the day’s or night’s shift will hold; nor do they know what equipment or tools will be needed to perform their job. Therefore, from an equipment standpoint, officers have to have all of the bases covered – to be fully prepared no matter what the shift throws their way.

An increasing percentage of that equipment is technology. Blogger Reginald Jones shares a series of tech trends to watch in law enforcement in 2020. While all of those trends (like IoT, data transparency and mobile migration) hold promise to help law enforcement officers achieve better outcomes, increasing technology means an increased responsibility to track and manage those fixed assets.

If officers find themselves short an item, a mobile audit gives them the ability to pinpoint the exact location of an available asset, or determine that they need to order another one. Knowing the fixed assets they have prevents law enforcement agencies from ordering duplicate items and wasting money.

Routine Equipment Inspections, Maintenance are Imperative

Not only does that equipment need to be within arm’s reach, but it also has to be safe to use. Officers and the public they serve depend on that equipment being routinely inspected to ensure it’s running on all cylinders when it counts. An asset tracking platform increases accountability around the inspection process. Users may establish requirements for the inspection as a means of proof – for example, photographs that document the completion of the work, along with location of the inspection site and time of service.

Curbing Theft

Theft is a potential issue for any organization, but for law enforcement, it can result in dangerous equipment getting into criminals’ hands. Using the tracking capabilities of a mobile asset tracking platform, law enforcement agencies can curb theft and loss. Without an organized system for asset tracking that delivers real-time data, expensive equipment, tools and other fixed assets may simply fall through the cracks, eating into the already limited budgets faced by most law enforcement agencies. With the risk of theft comes the potential for a security breach, as well, which underscores the need for accurate, reliable asset tracking and mobile audit capabilities.

Police officers who don’t have to focus on the condition and whereabouts of their equipment have faster response times and better outcomes. Asset Panda’s asset tracking platform gives law enforcement agencies the ability to eliminate theft and loss, conduct a mobile audit quickly and easily, keep officers’ equipment and tools in top shape, and save time and money – all from the mobile devices they already carry, and at a competitive price point.



Courtney Roush

Courtney Roush is a freelance writer, editor, and communications strategist with 25 years of experience. Her favorite discipline is crisis communications – and it’s a highly relevant one in our present times.

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