Mobile Service Company Assets

Service Companies with Routes are always on the go. Other tracking technologies can get left behind. Asset tracking with Asset Panda can keep up with your business. Know where your assets are and which third-party technician worked on it last while keeping your client in the loop.

What are Mobile Service Company Assets?

Mobile Service Company Assets are everything your service company needs to operate and provide service to clients. This includes; Trucks/Vans, Parts/Tools, Office Supplies, Equipment & products.

How Does Asset Tracking for Mobile Service Companies work?

Let’s break it down. For example, an AC repair company enters all equipment they have in Asset Panda’s online database and segments it by clients. Each Client is issued a user name and password that is secure allowing him or her to see only his or her equipment.

A third party tech is issued a username and password allowing them to see all clients’ data on their route. While at the client’s location, the tech can note the repairs he has made and set notifications for follow-up visits or for future routine maintenance. This information is available to the AC Company and the client. Either can send notifications to the third party tech to alert them of any issues. It’s an efficient way to communicate between parties and streamline the maintenance process.

How does Asset Tracking Impact your Company?
  • You will have the ability to check items in and out and know where the item is at any given time.
  • Schedule routine maintenance giving you the option to know the cost for repair and replacement.
  • Know the complete history of an asset by tracking its location, category, owner, serial or Model Number.
  • Mobile service equipment- that will allow you to track and monitor the availability of equipment.
  • Operations management by scheduling test maintenance or parts & equipment replacements.
What does this all mean?

With asset tracking your company will become better organized by saving time without having to search for your assets. You will have the ability to store and keep place of highly valuable assets while cutting down on lost and stolen items. Keeping hard copies will be easier by being able to print copies of your database, or specific entries for easy storage. If the hard copy is lost, you will be able to go back and find your assets through cloud.

-Increase efficiency within your company by executing faster responses and better decision-making.

-Create better customer service to clients, better data and customer stickiness.

With Asset Panda you will not need additional hardware or software needed! Use the mobile devices you already carry.

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