How Office Inventory Software Can Make Your Work Life Better

No matter what office you find yourself in, there are a variety of products and supplies you need in order to do your job. Because you only have so much time to do your job, you need to make sure that your resources are ready for use.

One of the best ways to keep your resources organized is to create and maintain an office inventory. Even if you only have office supplies and no product to move, keeping track of what you have on hand can increase your efficiency and save you more hours in the day.

One of the easiest ways to organize your resources is to use office inventory software. Unless you have so few resources that you can keep track of them on one hand, there is a software out there for you that will help you make your job easier. If you don't have very much to keep track of, a free software might work for you. However, free software programs can be difficult to customize, and if they don't have the features you need, you are just out of luck.

You might also be tempted to use Excel to keep track of what you have on hand. There are several templates that might appear easy to use, but there are several downsides to using them. There are several studies that show that human data entry is subject to errors much more often than relying on a software to keep track of your database for you.

Using an office inventory software might seem like overkill. However, when you consider just how many assets and resources an office has, keeping track of them using a software looks a little less crazy. Along with computers, general office supplies, and any potential product, there are several other assets you will want to keep track of. Any software licenses of programs you use to perform your service or create your product are valuable assets to your company. The furniture you use for your office is also a necessary part of your work. Using the proper program, you can keep track of all of these things as well as important information about each item.

Once you have all of your assets listed in an inventory database, there are other pieces of information you will need to collect in order to manage them effectively.
  • Asset Value – how much did you pay to obtain each asset?
  • Asset Life Cycle – how long do you expect each asset to last, and how well as it lasted so far?
  • Resource Maintenance – when was the last time you took each asset or piece of equipment in for repairs?
  • History of Use – what times of the year are each asset in more demand and how well do they stand up to increased usage?
  • Location – where can your employers locate each asset when they need to use it?

Asset Panda's inventory platform is designed to help you track this information and more in the easiest way possible. You won't have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software. Our cloud-based platform will make it easy for your employees to access your inventory database from any location and update a variety of asset entries while they're working out in the field. Our software makes it easy for you to organize your inventory, and get back to work as soon as possible.

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