4 Issues You Can Avoid with an Office Inventory System


Every business has assets and products they need to track. From businesses that sell product to warehouses with several moving parts, every company can benefit from using an office inventory system to track their backend.

If you think you can make do with manual inventory tracking, you should seriously consider the benefits of an automated system. Along with saving time and reducing the amount of work you and your employees have to do, you'll cut down on inventory errors all around. Below are some common inventory issues, along with ways the right system can help address each problem.

Too Much Inventory to Track

Not having a good system in place to track your inventory means you can end up with excess. Having more inventory than you have space for means you'll have to resort to liquidation to clear some room. This can result in lost profits and spend more money than you've budgeted for. Another problem that comes with having too many items is not being able to find anything at any given moment. If your customers ask for a specific item and you aren't able to find it, you risk frustrating them and losing their patronage.

Not Tracking Inventory Accurately

Another common problem that comes with tracking inventory is inaccurately entering data. When your data is incorrect, that means that your tracking becomes faulty. You can estimate too much or not enough product for your customers or your factory locations. Using an office inventory system makes it so that you know exactly what you have on hand, and how much you can count on finding in your storage facilities.

Spreadsheet Systems Replace Software

When companies need to turn to an inventory solution, many of them rely on spreadsheets to help them keep track of their products and supplies. This can be an okay solution if there is only one person in charge of the inventory process. But because of the complex nature of spreadsheets, if more than one person gets involved, then the entire operation is difficult to maintain. Employees will have to spend large amounts of time trying to figure out how the spreadsheet works, and how to use functions properly. The right inventory software program negates the need for any kind of spreadsheet and does a lot of the computing work for you.

Lack of an Emergency Plan without an Office Inventory System

When it comes to doing inventory, many companies just muddle through and hope for the best. But when emergencies crop up, hoping for the best falls apart in a flash. Hardware fails, disasters happen, and sometimes your employees can seriously mess things up.

What will you do if a crisis situation arises? A good office inventory system should have a backup option, from creating a physical backup to storing your information in the cloud. You can rest assured that your inventory data won't disappear should something happen to your office location.

Asset Panda's Office Inventory System

Asset Panda was created to address many of the problems outlined above. We know that keeping inventory can feel like a painful process, but it doesn't have to be. Our cloud-based software is easy to customize, so you can start using our platform without having to go through a massive learning curve. With multiple modules, and accommodating customer support, you'll be able to get exactly what you need without having to go through the painful growing process.

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