How a PC Barcode Scanner Benefits Your School

Many schools face budget cuts when district funds are up for review. Some areas have an influx of students, while others have to deal with outdated and damaged assets. That’s why you need to start using a PC barcode scanner to track educational tools and organizational assets.

Instead of giving up and providing your students with second-rate learning equipment, you can start tracking your items with barcode technology. There are several benefits you’ll see almost immediately when you do so.

Know Who Is Using Your Assets

One of the biggest problems schools face is knowing who last used an item. If something important should go missing, it’s difficult to know who to approach first in an investigation. When students know you don’t have a way of tracking where your items go, it’s easier for them to walk away with valuable assets. Not all your students will purposefully take things from school. Some of them are just forgetful and don’t remember to return items when they are due.

You know who last checked out a book from your library, so why not do the same with the rest of your assets? Applying barcodes to all of your educational assets makes them easy to track and locate when someone else needs to use them.

Utilize Your Budget to the Fullest

Tracking your assets in a straightforward way decreases the likelihood of losing them. When you can increase asset lifespan, that means more of your budget can go towards investing in new technology. Instead of replacing missing assets, you can use district allocated funds for improving infrastructure or trying new learning methods for students who have different learning styles.

Simplify Asset Tracking

Each school uses hundreds, if not thousands, of items in a given day. Trying to track all of them manually adds a severe work strain to your already overworked teachers and staff. Applying barcode labels to each of your educational assets drastically cuts down on tracking time and gives your faculty more time to focus on students instead of administrative tasks.

How to Start Using a PC Barcode Scanner to Track Your Educational Assets

If you’ve never tried using an asset tracking system, thinking about implementing one might seem daunting. Barcode technology coupled with a solid PC barcode scanner strategy is an easy way to start using asset tracking to your advantage.

First, you’ll want to create a database that is easy to update and access. There are several types of software available that will make it easy for you to start tracking your educational assets. However, Asset Panda’s customizable platform means that you can use a system that will conform to your needs. That will cut down on any learning curves and let you get back to the dozens of other tasks waiting for your attention.

Once you have a system to store your asset information, you’ll need to start creating labels and putting assets into your database. You could hire temporary staff to help you do or implement a system like this over the summer when school isn’t in session.

Asset Panda is here to help you create an asset tracking system that makes your life easier. We understand that your attention needs to be on your students, not on the assets that are supposed to make teaching easier. One of our implementation specialists will help you create a system that best supports your school. Get in touch with one for a free consultation and see what our system can do for you!


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