6 Benefits of Keeping Your Preventative Maintenance Database in the Cloud

Cloud computing might seem scary, but much of the business world relies on it nowadays. Sending off emails and updating social media takes advantage of cloud technology, along with many other things you already do in your business.

When applied to your preventative maintenance database, you can make it easier for your company to schedule regular repairs and keep business as usual. There are several advantages to using cloud technology, and we've covered a handful below.

Better Flexibility

The cloud works well to accommodate a variety of business needs. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly how much bandwidth your business will need from month to month. During busier times of the year, you'll likely need more than times when your company doesn't get a lot of traffic. Cloud services can scale up or down with your business, so you don't have to pay for more than you use.

Easy Disaster Recovery

Because the world is becoming more technical, data protection and recovery is crucial. Losing any amount of data, for whatever reason, can ruin your company. You need to be prepared for any kind of disaster that could affect your company's assets. Keeping data on site isn't enough anymore. It's all too easy to lose data to unforeseen disasters, both natural and man made. When you store your business information in the cloud, you'll be able to recover it no matter what comes your way.

More Storage Space

Keeping all of your company's information on site can take up a lot of room. While technology is advancing, servers and hard drives still take up room you might not have. When you pay for cloud storage, or other cloud software, you're not only paying for the service you're receiving, but you're paying for information storage, as well.

Technology Trends Won't Leave You Behind

One of the biggest downsides to a world of ever changing technology is the cost to keep up with all of the changes. Hardware becomes increasingly obsolete with each passing year, and new software versions roll out before you can get used to the old one. When you invest in cloud services, technology updates often come with the package, so you won't have to worry about the cost of upgrading your equipment.

Better Company Communication

Communication among colleagues is hard at the best of times. It would be ideal if everyone could be on the same page, but there are a lot of barriers to communicating efficiently. When relevant company information is stored in the cloud, your employees and fellow workers can reduce miscommunication when it comes to relaying business data. Everyone is less likely to be confused when they all have the same information available to them.

Information Available Anytime, Anywhere

You can spend hours preparing for potential emergency situations, and there will still be times where your company experiences something unexpected. In these situations, you won't always be able to get to the office or go on site to access company data. When your business works from the cloud, you can get online from anywhere in the world to address the situation.

Implementing this type of technology in your preventative maintenance database solution can help you streamline your maintenance needs. You won't need to worry about spending an inordinate amount of time setting up a repair schedule or looking all over the place for equipment information. Asset Panda's cloud based preventative maintenance software makes it easy for you to take advantage of the cloud in your business maintenance needs. Try it out for free today!

Bree Brouwer

Bree has held plenty of media- and marketing-related jobs over the years now, like working as a PR and marketing assistant to a Hollywood screenwriting coach, and writing content for three different digital marketing agencies.

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