Safeguarding Your Construction Site

Construction sites are big business for thieves in the United States. According to statistics provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, stolen tools and equipment account for approximately one billion dollars worth of losses. Making this number worse is the fact that 90 percent of these thefts occurred on-site. With this trend showing signs of sustained growth, it is time you consider an inventory system that can protect your valuable tools and assets. Otherwise, your site may be the next in a long line of workplaces that have been ransacked by opportunistic interlopers.

Incorporating Asset Protection at the Work Site

A tool like Asset Panda, could provide the answer to your theft concerns. An unorganized workplace is an easy target for most thieves. By incorporating an inventory management system, you can keep tools protected and in the hands of your employees. Models, descriptions, serial numbers, and customized notes will all ensure that you know who is using what and how long they have had the equipment. From this information a trail of accountability can be constructed in the event of a theft, allowing you to get to the source of the problem and potentially deter the issue altogether.


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