Asset Panda’s Scanner Equipment Makes Tracking a Breeze


Asset Panda has many features that make the process of tracking and managing assets a breeze. When it comes to scanner equipment, Asset Panda really stands out from other software programs on the market. What is it about Asset Panda’s scanner equipment that makes it so much better than the rest?

Ease of Use

Asset Panda’s scanner equipment is built right into our free mobile Android and iOS apps and can be used right from the users’ own smartphone or tablet. No more purchases of expensive handheld scanners or waiting for one to free up while your assets/inventory sit idle waiting to be added to the system.

The scanner enables you to quickly upload an asset or inventory item, then add supporting information like documents, voice notes, photos and/or videos. Our free app stores the entire lifecycle of every asset -- from their initial acquisition to their maintenance history, movement throughout your organization, and their eventual phase-out and replacement.

The most powerful mobile asset and inventory tracking platform in the world, Asset Panda syncs with the cloud – so your data is always available in real time and viewable anywhere. Users can access up-to-date data within seconds and view details such as an item’s exact location, including GPS coordinates; check-in/check-out status; the identity of the person who has it; its condition and complete maintenance history; warranty, insurance and lease/purchase information; depreciation and inflation; and much more. You can create work orders and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk, if you wish, to reduce your support call volume.

Integrating existing assets and/or adding assets to Asset Panda is incredibly simple, and we have incredibly helpful customer service representatives who can easily walk you through the process.

Saves Time and Money

Not only is Asset Panda user-friendly and intuitive, you can also add as many users as you’d like for no additional charge. That advantage, in turn, enables you to close the communication loop among all stakeholders involved with your assets and/or inventory – increasing both accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization. At tax time, you can rest easy knowing that the values you provide your accounting and compliance teams are accurate and in real time. The app is customizable, so you control how your data is organized and displayed. Set up custom criteria like location-based or user-based security, a custom dashboard, fields and columns, a calendar feature, notifications, alerts and reports for deeper analysis. When you know you can rely on your data, you can make better budgeting and financial decisions. From an inventory standpoint, you reduce your risk of being out of stock or carrying too much stock. And, because all of your stakeholders will be on board, you’ll want a simple to use the platform. Asset Panda requires no special training to master, but our customer service is at your fingertips should you have any questions.

Our Clients Love Us!

We have some amazing clients who utilize Asset Panda from all walks of the business world. The stories they tell about how Asset Panda has helped them in business emphasizes the need of this tool and how important having a customizable and flexible partner is. And as expected, many of them are very enthusiastic about our scanner equipment.

“The software is very flexible and customizable and can accommodate any type of business. The fact that it is cloud-based and has a mobile app makes life really easy. I don't need to worry about software on all of our computers. And you don't need to buy barcode scanners. You can just use your phone.”

“The app has been most useful, allowing us to manage our materials from anywhere. The software is easy to use, and is flexible enough to allow multiple users to access the features without paying for extra licenses.”

“Highly customizable for every company's needs! I like that this software is cloud-based, easy to navigate and can be accessed by our phones and tablets. That makes it easy to view asset information while out in the warehouses.”

“User friendly and intuitive interface along with excellent customer support. Product was easy to set up, customize, and use. Ability to create custom locations, actions, and statuses enabled us to accomplish our goals in an asset tracking database without needing to involve an engineer.”

“The ability to track asset location and to be able to scan the barcode with our phones (is a pro of Asset Panda). We are able to use this for both assets and inventory. This is a benefit for a small business such as ours.”

Now is the perfect time to give Asset Panda a try with a free 14-day trial. Click here and you’ll receive:

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  • 14 days of full, unlimited access to all of Asset Panda’s features
  • The ability to add unlimited users and assets during your trial
  • Full access to user guides and video tutorials, including the scanner equipment
  • Access to our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps
  • Call-in and live chat support from our world-class team

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