How School Administrators Can Use the Holidays Effectively


The holidays are a fun time for most students, free of homework and most school concerns. But for school administrators, it’s a time to work on the problems of the school when there aren’t any students around. Getting free from the noise and busy energy of school being in session can help you see problems more clearly.

The holiday break is a critical time to evaluate school needs and find the best ways to address them. Use it wisely, before students come back and you have to navigate the problems that arise from operating a full school.

Evaluate Student Needs from the Previous Semester

For most schools, the holiday break occurs at the same time as the end of the semester. This makes it an excellent opportunity to collect information on student progress. Check in with your teachers before they leave for the holidays to see how their students are doing. Ask them if any needs haven’t been addressed and what actions they think need to be taken.

Once you know what needs students had during the previous semester, you can take the time to brainstorm ways to address those needs. What can school administrators do to help students succeed academically and socially while still staying within budget constraints?

Adjust Your Budgeting

Taking time in the middle of the year is also beneficial for budget reasons. Look back on the last semester and see how you spent your money. Did you stay within budget, or pay too much?  What changes do you need to make to ensure your school gets what it needs without going over budget? is an excellent way to save money so you can use it in other departments.

With the current administration’s , many school programs will disappear. That means the same dollars have to spread farther than before. Do you need to fundraise to meet school needs? Are there other ways you can implement necessary solutions without spending money you don’t have? Or are there programs you can reform to stay within the constraints laid out by the financial department? Whatever the solution, the holiday break is a good time to prepare for implementing a new approach in the upcoming months.

Do Inventory on School Supplies

School supplies go missing every day. Sometimes students steal them, and sometimes they just get lost. Doing inventory over the holidays is a great way to check up on the status of your supplies. If you don’t already have an inventory tracking system in place, you can also use this time to implement a solution that will work for your organization.

Using is a great way to cut down on inventory losses and save money for your school. You don’t have to write off lost assets as a budget loss simply.

Examine New Education Technologies

Education technologies are continually changing and represent a great way to involve students in their education better. Some of these solutions can be expensive, but others will help you save money in the long run.

As you examine your budget, see if there is room to invest in new education technologies. Once you know what you can spare, do some research to see what is available for the budget you have.

gives students a way to use and learn from the plethora of learning aids available online. In this day and age, it’s no longer a luxury. Too many websites will not load if you don’t have the right bandwidth.

School administration software can also easily integrate with inventory tracking. Finding a holistic solution that works for all of your administrative needs is the best way to make sure the right people are addressing all of the problems at your school.

Working during the holiday break may not sound very fun. But the slow season makes for a great time to look at the big picture for the schools in your district. Find out what needs your students have and take a look at your budget. Start tracking your assets and see what technologies you can include in your educational offerings.

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