The Time is Now to Find the Right Software to Track Your Inventory

Finding the right software to track your inventory should rank right up there among a company’s priorities, whether they’re a small or large entity. The number of moving parts the average business has to track can be downright overwhelming when you stop and think about it. No two days are the same, emergencies will happen, and even the best-laid plans to maintain manual records are going to fall by the wayside. Unfortunately, many businesses continue to rely on manual inventory tracking methods – an incredibly frustrating and error-prone approach. Using Excel spreadsheets or even pen and paper, employees are tasked with constantly updating lists of assets and their respective values. The data becomes outdated almost as soon as it’s recorded. And, if you’ve got multiple employees on the task, Excel doesn’t provide a means of synchronizing their records. Nor does it provide a 30,000-foot view that allows you to strategize and make more informed purchasing and budgeting decisions – pulling back when you need to or ordering more if changes are anticipated.

It’s sad but true: A company does not realize the importance of a more streamlined means of tracking inventory tracking until the worst happens, like an inventory shortage, miscount or even a natural disaster that wipes out your supply.

The good news is that with software, you can track inventory far more efficiently and relieve your employees of the frustration associated with manual record-keeping. You’ve got a lot of choices in the market, but separates the great from the merely functional is a few key criteria: ease of use, flexibility/customization, and power. While the price point is obviously important, it won’t determine the success of your inventory tracking efforts in the long run. You need buy-in from all of your stakeholders. Asset Panda had that in mind when it created the world’s most powerful software to track your inventory. It’s based on free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud. That means no additional hardware or software is required to use Asset Panda – only the mobile devices your employees already carry (smartphones and tablets). In fact, you won’t even need a handheld scanner; the app includes a mobile barcode scanner. You’re also entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. Our goal is to remove the barriers that typically prevent all stakeholders from participating in the inventory tracking conversation. When everyone’s communicating, accountability and accuracy increase throughout your organization. You save time, guesswork, frustration and, ultimately, money. The Asset Panda free app is also incredibly intuitive and simple to use; even the most technologically challenged employee will find it user-friendly.

Our philosophy is that you should be able to track your assets any way you want. Asset Panda adapts to the way you work – not just today, but well into the future. Our powerful platform is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies as they become available. It’s completely customizable, enabling you to display and organize your data according to your unique needs. The dashboard, calendar, columns and fields, actions (including notifications, alerts, and reports) and security settings are all up to you. In the palm your hand, you have real-time access to the complete lifecycle of your inventory. In turn, you reduce redundancy, loss, and theft; increase your tax and insurance accuracy; better determine your appreciation and depreciation values and enhance your disaster recovery efforts, among many other benefits. It’s both quick and easy to integrate Asset Panda with your legacy systems and import your data from existing spreadsheets.

Best of all, our world-class customer support is here to help you every step of the way. To start your free 14-day trial, go to for details.

Courtney Roush

Courtney Roush is a freelance writer, editor, and communications strategist with 25 years of experience. Her favorite discipline is crisis communications – and it’s a highly relevant one in our present times.

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