Why Your Company Needs to Start Practicing Total Preventative Maintenance Today

Many companies have someone dedicated to performing maintenance tasks. Whether that come in the form of having a mechanic on staff, or outsourcing their repair needs, it is usually done by someone not otherwise involved in the production process.

Total preventative maintenance believes that involving the operator and other production team members will help your work flow more smoothly. Those using the machine are the most familiar with its quirks. Since they spend a lot of time around specific equipment, they recognize when parts are working well and when something is wrong. While they might not be equipped to identify and fix specific issues, they can at least sense when something is generally wrong.

When operators become more involved with daily machine maintenance and cleaning, your equipment works better for longer periods of time. Each piece of machinery has different working parts, and therefore requires different maintenance techniques to upkeep them. While most mechanics have a general knowledge of machines, they are not able to have a detailed knowledge of every machine out there, or even every piece of equipment used in your factory.

In cases where mechanics don't have the know how to fix your equipment, you can turn to the manufacturer. However, this can take a lot of time and money you might not have. Depending on how old your parts are, the manufacturer might not support your equipment or have the tools necessary to fix it. When you have your operators maintain the equipment they work with as part of the job, you're ensuring a longer lifespan and greater up-time for their machine.

Your workers can help you figure out the best times for machine maintenance. They are most likely to know what times their equipment is in highest demand, and what times they can do without. This information will help you create the least disruptive maintenance schedule possible, increasing downtime and productivity.

Asset Panda's tracking software is a sensible addition to your total preventative maintenance plan. Our flexible platform works well on the mobile devices your team already carries with them. As part of the maintenance procedure, your team members can pull out their smart phones to record potential problems. Our cloud based database makes it easy for you to save specific maintenance and cleaning measures each asset needs. Whether you have a daily, weekly, or monthly routine, you can automatically schedule reminders for each asset entry.

Each asset entry has a space for you to record maintenance tasks. Whether your asset needs weekly lubrication, or should stay within specific pressure levels, you can ensure everyone involved with have the information they need to do their job.

Because Asset Panda is so easy to use, you won't have to invest in costly training. Our platform is fairly intuitive, but if you have a hard time figuring out a specific feature, our customer support is always happy to assist you. The database supports an unlimited number of users, so all of your workers can help keep your asset information updated and error free.

Preventative maintenance programs don't have to take up a lot of time or effort. With Asset Panda's streamlined software, you can integrate the platform into your current work flow to enhance the work you're already doing.

Curious to see how well Asset Panda will compliment your company? Try it out free for 14 days!

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