Tracking Assets is Vital for Your Company. Here’s Why

Tracking assets is no longer optional – if you’re looking to be a good steward of your resources, that is. The complexity of the task increases, of course, as a company expands its presence across multiple locations, hires additional staff and acquires more equipment. But, even if you’re working within a small organization, you’re going to have fixed assets – like computers, monitors, mobile devices, printers, office furniture and much more – that enable you to conduct your daily business successfully.

Every one of those fixed assets, particularly your IT equipment, is likely to require periodic maintenance. Those items also may be on the move from one employee to another, going from office to conference room, home to hotel room. They require insurance policies. They may become lost or stolen. All of them need to be accounted for, serviced and reported come tax time. When these assets aren’t maintained on a regular basis, what would have been a minor repair can become a major overhaul or even premature replacement. If accurate, timely records aren’t kept on those assets, you might also find yourself playing a guessing game when your accounting and compliance teams need such information as depreciation figures. And if you’re not able to track an asset’s movement throughout your organization, what happens when you need an item now? All too often, guesswork, frustration and wasted time. Every organization, large or small and regardless of industry, has a responsibility to take good care of its resources. When you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs, retire equipment early or replace broken or stolen assets, you can channel your valuable resources where they’re most needed: for the production and distribution or your products or services, and to providing excellent service for your customers. Every dollar counts when you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition.

The challenge with tracking assets is that you’re busy. Day-day priorities get in the way of your ability to maintain ongoing, real-time and accurate records – even if you designate an employee or employees to handle the task. Thanks to technology, though, tracking assets has never been easier. The key is to choose the right solution for your organization. Regardless of your industry, the size of your company or nature of your business, Asset Panda offers the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective asset tracking platform for your needs. Best of all, Asset Panda was built with the future in mind – it works how you work, and can adapt as your needs change.

The only equipment you need to use Asset Panda is the mobile device you already carry. Powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, Asset Panda enables you to pull up on a moment’s notice the complete lifecycle of every one of your vital assets. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, which eliminates the need for a handheld barcode scanner. You don’t need additional hardware, software or associated licenses to use Asset Panda, either. When compared with our competitors, then, the cost savings you realize with our system are significant. Those savings don’t come with any catch; Asset Panda offers the most robust features offering on the market, and every Asset Panda account is a premium account, so you get full access to all of those features. You’re also entitled to an unlimited number of users – another point of difference between our system and our competitors’.

The app was designed to be not only completely customizable, but also incredibly user-friendly. Display your data in the way that makes sense to your organization, and you won’t need any extensive training to master it. Even the most technologically challenged employee can quickly and easily master the Asset Panda app.

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