How Tracking Barcodes Make Field Service Management More Efficient

If you've been tasked with field service management in your company, using tracking barcodes is a great way to manage your workflow. Your team relies on you to ensure you've dispatched them to important jobs and are keeping everyone safe. Your employees also require specific tools and equipment to complete client work orders and bring your business a better profit. Using barcodes to keep tabs on the items your employees rely on is a straightforward way to simplify your tracking process.

Check out the specific areas in which using barcodes to track your assets can improve your job:

Integrate Management of Multiple Back-End Processes

As a field service manager, you are responsible for making each job go as quickly and efficiently as possible. You can't afford your technicians to be wasting time looking for the equipment they need. Relying on barcodes can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to manage your inventory and makes it easy to put that data into a centralized database. You'll also be able to track billing, employee hours, and more by tracking the assets they use on the job.

Maintain Workplace Safety by Keeping Your Assets Properly Maintained

Your employees rely on you to keep them safe. You can't afford for an asset or a piece of equipment to malfunction while they are out on the field. Instead of hoping that nothing terrible happens, you can track your assets via barcodes and record when they were last maintained in each entry. Keeping your assets properly maintained will also reduce the amount of money you're spending on replacing assets and equipment.

Rely on Tracking Barcodes to Locate Your Assets at Any Time

Combining tracking barcodes with cloud-based inventory management software is a sure-fire way to figure out where any piece of equipment is located at any given time. This is especially helpful for someone like you, who has to manage several technicians who are out in the field and can be miles away from the office. Cloud-based software makes it easy for you to see where your technicians are, how they are doing, and what they are using. You don't have to spend a significant amount of time playing phone tag to try and check in on everyone. Just log in to your centralized asset database, and you'll be able to see an overview of your entire company at the moment.

Create Check-In and Check-Out Systems to Prevent High-Value Assets Disappearing

Barcodes are an easy way to implement a check-in and checkout system in your workflow. This means you'll be better able to tell who last used each item, and where a piece of equipment or specific tool was last seen. This will make it incredibly difficult for high-value assets to disappear, walk off, or only just get lost. One of our clients was struggling to track the keys they relied on to allow their customers to access specific vehicles. Before using our software, these keys were often getting lost and had to be replaced often. Our platform allowed them to track these programmable keys from when they first were given to a client, to when they were reprogrammed.

Tracking barcodes are one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency, accuracy, and overall safety of your field service operations. Do you use them in your business, and if so, what benefits have you seen?


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