Tracking Goes Beyond Just Being a Fixed Asset Manager

As companies begin to adopt the practices of asset tracking and management, they typically think of using the software platform to track actual physical items such as IT equipment, construction tools, office furniture, etc. But what many people don’t know is that asset tracking software can be used as a type of asset manager for intangible assets as well like behavior rewards, employee time recording, or even to track certain activities.

Let’s look at how educational facilities use asset tracking for physical assets, plus the benefits of an asset tracking solutions as a whole. You’ll also learn how schools go beyond the basics of asset tracking and use it as an asset manager for intangible assets.

Educational Asset Manager

School campuses are some of the most mobile and active places. So while everyone is on the move from class to class or involved in extracurricular activities, little thought is given to the huge quantity of assets and inventory that is also on the go. From laptops to footballs, desks to theater stage equipment, asset tracking on school campuses is one of the most important functions that is often overlooked.

Every year, schools lose thousands to millions of dollars because they are not accurately tracking and measuring their assets. Schools who implement an asset tracking management software solution find that they reap the following benefits:
  • Saves money
  • Tracks down stolen, lost, or missing assets
  • Enforces accountability
  • Keeps everything in a centralized database
  • Provides access to data for appropriate users
  • Reduces auditing time and improves accuracy
  • Eliminates the purchase of unnecessary or duplicate items
  • Gives users the ability to instantly scan assets with a mobile app instead of expensive multiple barcode scanners
  • Integrates with the school’s IT help desk

Asset Panda user Jackson County Early College goes beyond the basic tracking of fixed assets, using Asset Panda as an asset manager for a cost-effective library system alternative.


Educational Rewards Tracker

Asset tracking can also be used to record certain activities such as reward programs in schools. Think of the reward chart you had when you were a child – or if you’re a parent now, maybe you have a reward chart set up for your child/children. You had a list of tasks and every time a task is completed you marked it down in some way. Maybe it was noted with a check mark or a sticker. You knew what the task was, who completed it, and when the task was completed. When the tasks were done, there was a reward for the recipient and you (or your parents) had the satisfaction of knowing that the requested task was done and you weren’t guessing if something had been completed and could move on to other projects at hand.

Assets that are used every day are often misplaced or unaccounted for, many times expensive to replace, especially in school settings where money is very tight. In order to keep up with all these valuable items that are critical for our children’s school success, having a strong tracking software program is one of the best investments a school system can make.

Schools are constantly faced with the challenge of how to maximize the lifespan of every one of their assets – from computers, monitors, A/V equipment, software and mobile devices to chairs, desks, phones, vehicles and machinery, to name only a few. Every asset used contributes to the bottom line in some way and making the best use out of each piece is important. Having an easy-to-understand method of keeping up with each asset can make a tremendous impact in both time and money.

Another Asset Panda educational customer went beyond the standard fixed asset tracking and adopted an asset manager program as a rewards program for students and points they earn for certain activities.


Behavior Tracking

Who knew that barcode scanning would come into play with behavioral tracking for students? Barcode scanners are an integral part of any asset or inventory tracking program. If you have assets or inventory to manage, barcode software helps you stay organized while increasing your efficiency, both from a time and revenue standpoint.

Because inventory is fluid, you need a means to view, track, manage and analyze your data in real time. Barcode software should be easy to use and encourage maximum participation from your employees and vendor partners. Ideally, you want all of your stakeholders on board, communicating and accountable.

Asset Panda has helped a detention center keep track of behaviors of students in the center by scanning a barcode for the student who gain points for good behavior. The student can redeem those earned points for physical items such as gym shorts or basketball shoes. Asset Panda can help track the intangible items (the points) for each student and can also track the reward items in inventory as they are distributed to the students.

That’s the beauty of Asset Panda and how it can be configured to meet the different needs of our clients as an asset tracker or asset manager.

Asset Panda is an easy-to-use, yet powerful and customizable way to accomplish all of our users’ objectives – and more. It’s powered by free mobile iOS and Android apps that sync with the cloud, enabling you to retrieve and analyze data in real time 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The app includes a mobile barcode scanner, so there’s no need to purchase an additional handheld barcode scanner. In fact, you won’t need to purchase any other hardware or software to use Asset Panda. All you need to use Asset Panda’s inventory barcode software is the smartphone or tablet you already carry; or use the web app if you prefer. Asset Panda entitles you to an unlimited number of users at no extra cost, so you can loop in everyone involved in your inventory lifecycle.

Our philosophy is that you should be able to track your assets any way you want – simply and powerfully. We adapt to the way you work, and we’ll continue to adapt to your needs, even as new technologies become prevalent in the future. Visit to learn more and get a free quote.




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