Tracking Maintenance Prevents the Domino Effect of a Shutdown

Some companies don’t ever consider how important tracking maintenance is until something big happens – namely, a breakdown that brings productivity to a screeching halt. Ultimately, a delay on one project can have a domino effect on all of your other projects, resulting in frustration for both employees and customers. The good news, however, is that these problems are easily preventable. Tracking maintenance with a powerful, yet intuitive platform – and getting as many stakeholders as possible to use it regularly – can eliminate shutdowns, increase accountability and keep your business running smoothly across multiple sites.

One of the biggest advantages of having a reliable tracking maintenance platform is that it enables you to zero in your data or view it from a broader, multi-site standpoint. When you’re able to examine the demands on your equipment throughout your entire organization, you can determine where your assets need to be assigned. If you locate assets that are sitting idle, you can potentially redistribute them and save yourself the cost of purchasing new equipment. And there’s no more guesswork around whether you do need to buy additional equipment, because you have access to accurate data.

It’s very easy to overlook maintenance schedules within a busy organization. If you’ve assigned employees to the task of tracking that information manually, mistakes are going to happen. With tracking maintenance software, you can set up notifications and alerts that remind you when service on particular items is due. In the long term, you prevent minor repairs from mushrooming into major overhauls or even premature replacements. A good tracking maintenance system can also notify you as to whether a repair is covered under warranty, or whether that asset’s warranty has expired. You also have access to item’s entire maintenance history, so you can determine whether the present issue is a new or recurring one. Additionally, you can better manage your repair and maintenance costs throughout the organization. Proper maintenance and compliance are about more than saving money, though; far more important, it’s about the safety of your workers and your company’s reputation.

Another compelling reason for a good tracking maintenance system: Companies who are managing multiple sites all too often fall victim to theft or loss of equipment. When your assets are properly tracked, equipment no longer falls through the cracks, and you won’t waste any more money paying insurance on “ghost assets” that aren’t in your inventory anymore.

The bottom line is that you can maximize the lifespan of each of your vital assets. And because every organization wants to use its resources wisely, a tracking maintenance software solution is one of the very best investments you can make for your company’s future.

With Asset Panda, employees throughout your entire organization have 24-hour, real-time access to asset data using the smartphones and tablets they already carry. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps sync with the cloud and include a mobile barcode scanner. This incredibly powerful, yet easy to use platform integrates with legacy systems. Whether you’re out in the field or back in the office, you have access to an item’s exact location, condition, its complete maintenance history, insurance, warranty, and lease/purchase information, depreciation, check-in/check-out status, and much more. Completely customizable features include unlimited actions (notifications, alerts, and reports), fields, columns, dashboard, security settings, a calendar and electronic signature. Add as many users as you’d like at no additional cost, and close the loop among all of your stakeholders. Everything you and your employees need to track and manage the lifecycle of every one of your assets lives in the palm of your hand.

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