Tracking Maintenance: Maximize the Lifespan of Your Investments

Tracking maintenance of your fixed assets, tools and equipment can make a significant difference in your bottom-line revenues. Whether you’ve got a small or vast inventory of equipment, your ability to keep up with maintenance schedules likely will be the single biggest determiner of the lifespan of those assets. Overlooking maintenance can turn a minor repair into a major overhaul or, worse, a premature replacement. That scenario then causes lost productivity and frustration.

Imagine tracking maintenance using either pen and paper, or an Excel spreadsheet. Over the course of an average day, week or month, you’re responsible for countless tasks. And when you’re talking about fixed assets, you’re doing more than tracking maintenance. You’re keeping track of depreciation, inflation, lease/purchase information, warranties, insurance policies, the whereabouts of each item and the identity of who has it, check-in/check-out status, and more. If you’re managing multiple locations, the task becomes that much harder. You’re tracking moving parts. And if you’re using manual processes, human error is almost inevitable. A missed keystroke, a typo, or simple oversight can throw off your recordkeeping. Theft and loss could occur easily, and in the worst case, you could continue to pay insurance on “ghost assets” that aren’t even in your inventory anymore, but which weren’t reported. When it comes time to locate any of those items, or report values to your accounting and compliance teams, productivity comes to a halt as your employees spin their wheels trying to locate the items or comb through records. It’s frustrating, inefficient and potentially costly to your bottom line – not only due to wasted time, but also money; failure to report values accurately could cost you in fines.

Tracking maintenance and all of the other information for your fixed assets is simply too difficult to do manually. You need an automated, centralized and easy to use a system that gives you access to your data in real time 24 hours a day. Asset Panda offers the most powerful yet simple mobile platform for tracking maintenance and other asset-related data. All you need to use Asset Panda is the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) you already carry. No additional hardware or software is required. In fact, you won’t even need a separate handheld barcode scanner; our free iOS and Android apps include a mobile scanner and sync with the cloud, so your data is always at your fingertips in real-time, all the time. Add as many users as you’d like at no additional cost; Asset Panda’s objective is to encourage clients to loop all of their stakeholders into the asset tracking conversation, which promotes accountability and accuracy throughout your entire organization.

Every Asset Panda account is a premium account, so you get full access to our entire features offering. Choose the features relevant to your specific needs, and customize them – everything from the dashboard to the fields, columns, notifications, alerts, reports and security settings is set up according to your specifications. It’s easy to import and export data into and out of the tool and, in fact, the entire interface is so intuitive, your employees won’t need any special training to understand Asset Panda.

In the palm of your hand, you have access to the complete lifecycle of every one of your vital assets, including maintenance history, depreciation, GPS location of assets, insurance policy expiration dates, check-in/check-out status, and more. Schedule maintenance and even use Asset Panda as an enterprise service desk if you wish to reduce your volume of support calls. Best of all, Asset Panda is offered at a price point that blows away the competition. Tracking maintenance has never been easier. If you’re ready to maximize the lifespan of your fixed assets, try Asset Panda free for 14 days. To get started, go to


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