Tracking Renovations at Your Second Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, over 553,000 second or vacation homes were purchased in 2012. If you joined the ranks of those who like to have a place to get away from it all, don't let clutter and disorganization ruin your rest and relaxation. Without inventory management, you'll probably have a hard time remembering what to bring with you when planning renovations. This headache can be made worse if you live far away from your new vacation home.

Simplifying the Process

Asset Panda can make trips out to your second home easy and productive. With the mobile app, a directory can be created covering all of the assets in the home. From here, you can use this inventory management system to add notes that cover the repairs or replacements that need to occur. This way, your won't leave behind the tools or the parts necessary to fix your washer, dryer, or any other expensive asset in your vacation home. Removing these hassles as fast as possible can let you focus the best ways to enjoy your time away from work and all the other responsibilities of your daily life.

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