The Use of Inventory Barcode Software is On the Rise … Here’s Why!

Barcodes are everywhere. It’s almost impossible to pick up a product and NOT see a barcode of some sort. While some are more subtle, many sport those familiar vertical lines that we have all grown to recognize. But do you really know what’s contained in those lines of varying width? And for companies that carry inventory, are you using the right inventory barcode software to get the most use when it comes to tracking your important inventory and assets?

Whether a large company or a small start-up, if you have inventory of any kind that needs to be managed, then having a proper inventory barcode software program at the ready is a must. This valuable tool helps even the largest of corporations stay organized and enables employees to be more accountable, all while saving both time and money.

Consumer demands are on the rise and with that demand comes the responsibility from the supplier to ensure customer needs are met. Competition is everywhere, and businesses can’t take a chance on losing a customer because they can’t keep up with their inventory. It’s crucial that companies today have a means to view, track, manage and analyze data on inventory in order to stay functional. While there are lots of inventory software programs available, finding a tracking program and related tools that incorporate inventory barcode software is proving to be most beneficial.

Just as a refresher, a barcode is defined as “a machine readable form of information on a scannable visual surface.” It is composed of a set of lines of varying widths and heights, and a sequence of letters and numbers.  When scanned with a barcode scanner, the sequence is returned and recorded with barcode tracking software. The scanning of barcodes dramatically eliminates the possibility of human error. A barcode scan is fast and reliable and takes less time than entering data by hand or into a spreadsheet.

The use of a barcode scanner with inventory barcode software as part of an overall asset tracking and management platform has simplified identifying, tracking, and controlling of inventory, equipment and processes immensely. Today’s barcode scanners capture all the necessary and most up-to-date data on a company’s inventory. With one simple scan of a barcode, the scanner sends data to the affiliated asset tracking software and allows all eligible users to access and maintain the data anytime from anywhere. From where an item is and who has it, the check in/check out status, sales history, even depreciation of inventory items in stock, important data resides in the palm of your hand whenever you need it – and it’s viewable from anywhere.

Simple and efficient inventory tracking can make a profound difference in a company’s bottom line. Better resource management produces significant savings of time and money. Asset Panda has a solution ready and waiting for companies with inventory issues. They have built barcode tracking software into its free mobile app. One of the biggest advantages of the Asset Panda system is the integrated barcode scanning function. What this means is that there is no need to purchase expensive barcode scanning devices and that any user with a mobile device can quickly search, update and maintain accurate inventory records.

And using Asset Panda could not be easier! To upload new inventory, it’s as easy as using your mobile phone or tablet and opening the app, which is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Once you’ve entered the barcode, how you organize the data through the inventory barcode software is fully customizable to meet your needs. Adapt the custom dashboard. Set up custom fields. Link groups of data and generate reports. Take pictures. Make notes. Create alerts when the stock reaches a certain number. There are no limits on what you can do.

When it comes to managing and tracking inventory, companies need to bring all of their stakeholders into the loop and hold one another accountable. The use of inventory barcode software as part of a tracking platform will ensure customers come first. See why so many companies have selected Asset Panda as their inventory tracking tool of choice with a free 14 day trial. Visit for more information.

Audra London

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