User Reviews of Asset Panda Make an Impact on Asset Tracking Software Purchases


User reviews are the first impression potential customers have of your product. The comments from one person can be a deciding factor if they choose to purchase your product or not. From online reviews to social media and even specially created apps, companies can no longer escape the reviews – both the good and bad.

Consider these facts when it comes to reviews:

Pretty powerful statements on how important reviews are for today’s consumers. And reviews definitely have proven to be extremely impactful on sales. 88% of buyers are influenced in their buying decision by reviews (Zendesk).

Beyond sales, reviews of customer service and how a business responds to the needs of their users are important factors customers take into consideration when buying a product or selecting a service. Potential customers want to know that if they have an issue or need help they will have someone to contact who can help resolve their issue quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the negative review. It’s inevitable that they will happen. Maybe someone had a bad day or they had an issue that simply could not be resolved no matter what was attempted. If a company had 0 negative reviews, it might actually make one a bit skeptical and question the legitimacy of your other reviews. According to Econsultancy, 68% of consumers trust reviews more when they see both good and bad scores. The key here is to address the negative in a positive way and build trust by showing how you value customer/client experience.

Asset Panda is one of the leaders when it comes to asset tracking and management. Technology can be a pretty scary thing for a lot of people – especially new technology with lots of different features (that actually make the process of asset tracking a whole lot easier!) And while it’s daunting to undertake a new program or way of doing things when technology is involved, tracking assets and inventory have never been easier thanks to Asset Panda – and the customers reviews prove that!

Asset Panda User Reviews

Here’s what real Asset Panda users have to say about how the platform has impacted the way they track and manage assets:

The functionality and customization of this software is at a high level. We were able to build this software into several things that fit directly into our business model.

I like the cost of the product and the customer service. Every time I have a question on how to do a certain function I get a very timely response.

Asset Panda is so customizable, and yet it makes the customization super user-friendly due to its brilliant interface. Setup is done in minutes, and you are up and running before you know it. The reporting especially is robust and powerful, with relevant, readable reports a few keystrokes away!

The mobile app has been excellent in being able to keep track of all of our assets between our several offices. The ability to generate detailed reports saves us so much time, especially at the end of the year.

Unlimited users were crucial for our non-profit organization. The implementation process was totally painless and actually kind of fun. I cannot say enough about our developer. She patiently listened to all our needs, helped us come up with creative solutions and far exceeded my expectations. As I began to dive in and make the tool my own the more excited I became about the ease of use and endless solutions Asset Panda has to offer, far beyond merely tracking our inventory counts. This is definitely a game changer!

The lesson behind sharing these user reviews is to encourage you to do your research when it comes to looking at the right asset tracking and management platform for your business. Be sure what you choose addresses your specific business needs and is flexible enough to change as your needs change. Read both the good and bad for each software platform you are considering and how the issues raised could affect you and your business.

But rest assured that asset tracking truly does not get any easier than Asset Panda. Check us out at for more information including customer success stories, case studies and all-inclusive features that make Asset Panda stand out from the competition.


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