4 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs an Asset Inventory

When you rely on a lot of equipment to maintain your warehouses, you need to keep an asset inventory. You can't afford to lose track of your forklifts, barcode scanners, or conveyor belts. These pieces of equipment are expensive and can end up costing your business big time if you don't take care of them.

Here are a few problems that keeping an inventory will rectify on your warehouse floor.

Let You Know What Items You Have on Hand

Your employees rely on company assets to move product and fulfill work orders. If you can't guarantee them the assets they need to complete tasks, you risk losing productive time, which leads to lost money. Keeping an inventory of all your warehouse assets will give your employees the tools they need to keep your business running. You'll also avoid purchasing more assets than you need, helping you make the most of your budget for equipment and machinery.


"Big assets like warehouse machinery and equipment need regular maintenance to stay safe."


Send You Notifications When Asset Inventory Changes Happen

Your warehouse floor is constantly changing. To keep up with work orders and keep customers happy, you need to know when any big changes happen. Using an asset inventory software is a great way to stay on top of everything on the floor. Whether you run out of product or one of your vehicles stops working, you’ll know what’s going on, so you can prioritize what needs your attention.

Schedule Maintenance Easily

Big assets like warehouse machinery and equipment need regular maintenance to stay safe. There are regulations and workplace safety standards to follow. The best way to keep your employees safe is to make sure your assets are scheduled for regular maintenance.

Track Patterns in Asset Usage to Predict Future Requirements

Keeping a digital asset inventory is a great way to track how each of your assets is used. This makes it easy to record information like who is using a particular item, how often it is used and where, and how much demand it gets from the rest of your employees. You can use this information when buying new assets in order to make sure you purchase the items your company needs.

Asset Panda is a great way to keep track of your warehouse assets. Our cloud-based platform makes it easy for you to track all asset related information in real time. You can log into the database at any time and see what items you have on hand, how they're being used, and where they are located.

You can easily set up notifications so you know if assets go somewhere they aren't supposed to or if something breaks and you need to send it in for repairs. Our software makes it easy to track any data related to your company's assets. You can use it to track your assets over time and see how your warehouse is performing throughout the year.

One of our clients, Perry Perry Building, uses Asset Panda to track where their equipment is going. The cloud-based platform allows them to put in custom statuses for each piece of equipment, track which job sites have what assets, and see which employees are using the assets on each site.

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